Friday, April 22, 2011

#1 #2 Ticonderoga

 Lucas: I need a #1 #2.
Me: Did you just make that up?
Lucas: No, everyone knows that  the #1 #2 is Ticonderoga!

Lucas: That’s a great smile. (To me, while picking up a magazine with Justin Bieber on the cover at the grocery store.)

Aunt Shirley:  Was Tiffany in NY last weekend?
Momela: No, why?
Aunt Shirley: I saw a picture of a blonde outside of Radio City  after the Charlie Sheen performance and she had a really sarcastic quote in the paper and I just assumed it was Tiffany. 

Laina: I had an epiphany, Tiffany (Pause.)  I’m going to start saying “Epiphany, Tiffany” a lot more.

Jordan:  Are we celebrating Passover?
Dawne: Does that require cooking?
Jordan: Yes.
Dawne: Then no. 
Dawne: We have to decided, for Passover, to order Pizza and watch the Ten Commandments.
Jordan:  I guess Pizza is like unleavened bread.

After 6 months at work, I finally broke down and nabbed a trash can.
Me: Again, I love having a trash.
Becky: I wanted to find a someecard that was all "Congrats on your promotion, I heard you got a trash can."
Me: It's more like "Congrats on not getting fired, but at least you got a trash can for when you do."

Lucas: I found this game boy!
Me: In the gameboy drawer?
(When the gameboy wasn’t working)
Lucas: One of these was hit by a bomb in the gulf war and it survived.  How does mine not work?  How am I going to make my chip tunes?

On the Van, that smells like yucks:
Lucas: I love the smell of the van.  It reminds me of good times.  I wonder if the EMP will want to have that van in the Allium (his band) exhibit.

Becky: Do your Friday thing that you did earlier.
Me: I was funny earlier?
Becky: *sigh* She was leaving the Edible Bouquet place and when the guy said have a great day she replied “Have a GOOD Friday.”

I’ll be in NY this weekend—call me if you are around.  And no matter what, have a very Happy Easter and a great weekend!

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