Monday, June 27, 2011


This is going to be a light week.  Basically, I made donuts (which are NOT good the next morning), hung out with a visiting uncle, started a puzzle, watched some rom coms, went to two parties, played some ghetto skip-bo, oh, and spent 8 hours with all 8 of us cleaning, cementing, rebuilding, and pressure washing the yard.  Good news? We’re totally ready for summer now!  And in honor of the summer, here’s a summer song list from my friend Chris:

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I think, in honor of the last Harry Potter book, we should all watch “A Very Potter Musical” again:

This weekend Lucas made his own skate boarding gloves out of a cutting board and gardening gloves, started his own skate deck (a new term I learned this weekend.  Cathy said it to me, and I just stared at her because I heard the words, I just didn’t understand what it meant and didn’t want to say “what” because I was sure I could figure it out) design company, and specifically, told Dawne he was renaming his record label company to “Party Animal.” Dawne responded by saying, “You’re just not creative anymore.”  Perhaps our standards might be a tad too high?

Two days before:
Dawne: I miss the old Luke.
Luke: Am I not funny anymore? Is it because I don't cross dress anymore?

BTW my new term for this week is “Shindiggery.” I’m not sure if it is ever been used before, but I think instead of doing the research, I’ll just go ahead and be proud of myself for being so incredibly clever. 

My cousin decided not to go to Penn State recently because tuition was too expensive.  When my dad heard this (after paying for my brother and I to attend PSU) said, “Yea.  I know.”  I’ll go ahead and speak on behalf of myself and Sean when I say, “I am so thank you.”

I saw the check-out person from the grocery store at Red Robin on Friday—I almost went up to her and said, “Hey Dina!” but then I realized even though I know her, she probably doesn’t know me.

Lucas made a deal with his grandfather that if he helped remove/cut up the hot tub and help put the new one in, Uncle Ray would help him build a 4’ x 24’ ramp on the sport court.  I told Shane and he said, “I’ll be there the day it’s finished because to show up the day before it was finished is just stupid.”

Lucas: You really have to work for the jujubes.
(Then after dropping them all on the floor outside:)
Lucas: I'm not going to pick up the black ones because no one likes those anyway. See they have little rocks on them (as he placed them back into the box)- now you'll really have to work for them.

Lucas: I think if the other animals evolved, Beavers would be great architectural engineers.
Me: Ya.  And the Crane would make a very good crane.

We went to Spazzo’s the other night upon Luke’s request. My two uncles were not pleased with their meals, though one was significantly more vocal on the subject.
Uncle Bill: Ray, would you like to not like my Pizza?
Uncle Ray: No, I’ll just eat something when I get home.
Susan (to Aunt Pat): Is your kitchen open late?

After Uncle Ray did try and disliked the pizza: That is the worst pizza EVER.
Me: It’s less of a pizza than flat bread.
Uncle Ray: I hate flatbread.
Lucas: That will be on his tombstone “Will always be remembered for his hatred of flatbread.”

The next morning at IHOP, Uncle Bill said to Uncle Ray, “This is uncomfortable.  I bought a gift certificate to Spazzo’s.  Are you not going to use it?”

I went to a Vaudeville party on Saturday night, hosted by two friends that I went to school with back in NY (crazy right?) I went as a magician.  Once again, I didn’t have to shop for my costume as the Top hat was sitting by the door, the cape and handcuffs were in with the magician box, and the severed hand that I put in hand cuffs attached to myself (b/c I’m not a very GOOD magician) was in the basement.

I’m convinced if anyone goes into the basement they are going to be very disturbed when they see bins labeled clearly: “Heads”, “Dead Fred”, “Body Parts”, “Lab Material”, “Spider webs” and “Chains” (and that’s just what I remember off the top of my head.)  As I was hunting I just kept thinking of when I was little and we were convinced that there was a mystery surrounding an elderly neighbor’s house and how we would have wet ourselves if we peered through a window and saw these bins. 

Becky: You know that person is saying, “I just saw a vamp with a top hat and Groucho Marx walk by.”

Me: I'm pretty sure 20 bucks buys you a thousand Krispy Kreme donuts.
(After buying two dozen)
Me: Imma take a bite out of each one of these and put it back.
Becky: I didn’t know Krispy Kreme served Ice Cream.
Me: Where do you see that?
(To which Becky just pointed at the picture of a gigantic ice cream cone next to me.)

Me: It’s official!  Gays can now get married in NY!
Lucas: The catch is they have to marry a woman.

I got an x-ray today b/c I thought I might have broken my wrist.
Me: FYI I am not broken.
Becky: I never said you were broken.  Or did I?  I don't remember making that claim to your face.
Me: My wrist dumb dumb.
Becky: You're the queen of hurting yourself, but not enough that the medical profession would actually be able to help you at all.

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