Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Man Left Behind

Last week was a short but action packed week.  Wednesday night I discovered the Black Raven in Redmond.  Redmond and Woodinville have the oddest habit of putting distilleries, bars and wineries into industrial/office spaces or just tiny shopping malls.  We took Sean to the Malt and Vine and told him he could only pick out one beer and he just kept saying, “This is hell.  This is my personal hell.  All these beers and I can only pick one?”  Yes, Sean.  You can only pick one because I need to get you to work in an hour. 

5 year old Lily to Mama Jen while baby June was screaming: "If this were a song she'd really be rockin' it!"

I was asked recently if I had any pet peeves, only at the time I couldn’t think of any.  Until, that is, I was cleaning up the kitchen on Thursday evening.
Me: I know what my pet peeve is: people who leave straws in the sink.
Lucas: That wasn’t me.  That was Zach.  He was sucking up the bandwidth with that straw.

Before settling on Doc Hollywood (because who doesn’t love Michael J Fox?), we tried watching Mouse Hunt.

Lucas: Mouse hunt was definitely on my top ten list when I was younger.
Me: So was George of the Jungle.
Guy in the movie entering the house for the first time: What a dump!
Lucas: I like this guy… because of his positive attitude. 

Lucas: This is the best toy ever made.
Me: I don’t even think that can be qualified as a toy.
Lucas: It can, and it’s the best. 
Jordan: It’s more of a living sculpture.
Lucas:  Best toy ever made. 

Lucas just taught me that lots of Dentists are named Dennis and a lot of people named George move to Georgia.  I thought it was funny until I read this:

I guess I still think it’s funny. 

Last week was hectic at work getting ready for E3 and what not, but it ended with Guinness Floats, so not too shabby (but I admit, not necessarily the best replacement for lunch.)  Grabbed dinner with Adam and then we saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  I don’t want to spoil it for you but Kristen Stewart doesn’t bite her lip ONCE. 

SEAN ARRIVED ON SATURDAY!! J  We went to lunch with Jordan at Odd fellows, followed by a walk and Yogurtland. 
Jordan: Dawne doesn’t think I should use the interns for manual labor. Dawne is also out of town, so I’m going to have them clean out the garage tomorrow.

Then we took a walk around Alki Beach with Shane, Cathy and Fynn as we explained that “Beach” was a bit of an exaggeration.  And then we stopped by Coastal to visit Diana and pick up some presents for the girls.  Then we headed to Dr. Rach’s for a birthday bbq.  The last time Sean met my friends; Laina told a lot of Ambien stories and raved about her Brazilian Blowout.  True to form, my friends were highly entertaining for two hours straight. 

Laina is training for a marathon and Gin and Rach are planning on running with her.  When Laina told us that she had run 6 miles that morning, Gin was reminiscing the last time Rach and she tried to run a marathon without training. 
Gin: This is going to be a “No man left behind” situation right, Laina?
Laina: Sure.  I think I’ll make myself a shirt and on the front it will say, “No man left behind” and the back will say, “except for you bitches.”

Becky: Between the guacamole and the wine I'm glad I came. It was hit or miss until I got the wine.
Sean: That's how church is.

We told everyone that we were going to Kells after the bbq.  Laina then retold the story of when we went to the Meet Up at Kells and even though I not only was there, and have heard the story three times, this time I almost did the pizza hut trick she was so funny.  She told us about talking to a guy for two hours who looked like he had down syndrome, but “It was dark, and so was he.”  The gentleman had asked for her number at the end of the evening and Laina gifted him with her digits but warned him that she wasn’t looking for a relationship, to which he said, “Oh we’ll date.  We will date.”  Laina then proceeded to tell us how she went home and started thinking about a life with this unfortunately looking man, and her fears for their future children’s teeth, and making plans to have her children wear helmets and then she ended her tale with, “Not even the guy with down syndrome will call me! What am I supposed to do with the three helmets I bought!?”

Sean and I had to dash out to Kells to meet some work/client folks.  One guy, upon meeting me, said, “Now we know where all the good looks went to in the family.” And I replied, “I know.  Sean really is a gorgeous man.”  I got super cozy with Sean’s friend Pat, so now we’re best friends.  Laina even made a guest appearance, walking several blocks in extremely high heels – proving how far she’ll go to make me happy. J Over all, I think I only embarrassed Sean twice so, WINNING.  I dropped off Pat and Sean at their hotels and got home at around 2:15.  I got up at around 8 – Sean, however, had a more eventful morning.   Apparently, he had a dream in which he thought he was supposed to deliver something to the convention center.  When he WOKE UP, he was standing in the lobby of the hotel, in his boxers, and had to ask the front desk for a key to get back to his room (because he clearly didn’t have ID with him.) 

At 11:30, I picked him up to meet Shana, Rach and Anders for brunch at Manhattan Drugs.  Shana’s first thought was that she needed the ram for her house (she thought she might need to put it on the outside of the house when you came in, or her bedroom above her bed, because THAT’S not intimidating) and she needed the wallpaper to match her arm. 

I had chicken and waffles for the first time, and then Sean and I headed to the house to chill by the lake, hang out with dogs, and then meet up with Raymond and Michelle.  Then, before we knew it, it was time to get him back to Seattle to meet business folks at the Tap House.  There was a guy from Coca-Cola there and I started to say, “Hey!  I just heard a story about Coca-cola not being able to sell Coca-Cola to the Nazi’s….” and I looked over at Sean, and his eyes were widely communicating, “Why would you tell a story about NAZI’s and COKE!?” I politely ignored those eyes, and continued to explain that Coke created Fanta/Orange soda because the natural ingredients found in Germany, and that’s where Orange Soda comes from.  Seeing as we were just talking about Google and how they know about what you search, I suggested that I look up the story for him and send it, not via Gmail, so that he wouldn’t have to look up “Coke and Nazi” at work.

As everyone was leaving to go to the start of the conference, they all invited me to join and generously said they could get a badge for me.  I declined saying, “I’ve worked more than I wanted today… Not that talking to you was work mind you.”  Then yesterday, I was telling a story about someone else that I had been talking to…

Sean: How do you know so much about these people?
Me: You left me alone in a room of strangers for two hours.  I talked to them.
Sean: That explains why they are all Tiffany fans now. 
J Yeah, Boiii!

I’ve decided to put “Working a room” on the list of brother-sister activities that we excel at.  Monday, was fabulous.  There were chicks with coffee carts making latte’s in the office, followed by breakfast and watching Spike TV.  Then a meeting, and lunch was brought in, and because the line was really long, Kelly volunteered to wait on the line for me while I went and got a quick massage (yes, I’m still at work at this point).  Then I got some more work done before ending my day at a happy hour at Lucia’s wearing my new T-shirt.  Then, after that fun filled day, I got to pick up Dawne so that we could have dinner with my big brother.  Guess who’s not complaining about life? J

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