Monday, February 18, 2013

What if it rains? Like on the Phone?

I fell into a youtube wormhole on Wednesday.  JayBray posted a Kid Snippet on facebook, which was very amusing, and then all of a sudden it was way past my bed time and I had abused the socially acceptable amount of videos one can post for a week.  However, this is my space (not myspace,  but you know my actual space on the internets that I can do whatever I want to with.) 

This was my favorite:

This was what Becky things a blind date with me is like:

Which is probably why no one has ever proposed to me, even like this:

I did receive the perfect Valentine though: 

Thursday, some folks form work (Christy, Kelly and Ryan) came over for a group date night with their puppies which means that the dogs outnumbered the people. Their dogs didn’t know really how to play – or at least aren’t as used to having so many other dogs together in a house.   Percy was trying to entertain and get the other pups to play.  He was running around, bringing toys over, “Do you like toys?  I have lots of toys, we can play with toys.  Or we can run up and down the stairs, that’s fun do you want to do that?  Or we can just run around the house and play chase.  Would that make you happy? I hope I’m making you happy. What do you want to do? Huh? Huh?”  Basically, he was the dog equivalent of me when I have guests over.  J

While, I haven’t seen Grizzled Veteran Game Designer Mike in a loooong time, it’s nice to know that I’m still lingering in his subconscious.  The proof was in this email I received that week:

I had a dream last night and you were in it....

Here are the points in no particular order or if you prefer “dream-like" order

Cable TV network  installer guy
A Mansion
Harry Potter quiz/test
Making fun of kids that couldn't figure out the Harry Potter quiz while you and I did
Making fun of them in front of their parents
The beach
A secret door the Quiz opened
A pile of dirty shirts that were to be given to me but have to be taken to the dry cleaner first

Bottom line is I need help.

I finished the third season of Downton Abbey and couldn’t sleep I was so upset about the season finale.  Naturally, to make myself feel better, I started watching House of Cards with Zach.  (It’s not making me feel better.) 

Friday, after work, I took the pups down to the little patch of grass we have by the water.  They were running around chasing each other for a while, and then I decided to take them down by the water.  Percy is a big fan of splishing and splashing, so I thought he would go to the edge of the lake and pat, pat, pat the lapping water.  I did not expect him to run out, jump on a bunch of big rocks and then go flying into the water.  Now we know he can swim, and it’s a good thing because that water is chilllly and I’m glad I didn’t have to go rescue him.   I thought when he got out he’d come running for me to hold him and warm him up – but again, I was wrong.  Towels are clearly for sissies.

Saturday, we had a great time at puppy class, and Percy totally WOW’ed the teacher so yay!  Then I picked up Becky, we checked out the new MOD pizza, and then we went over to the Mercer Island dog park.  Oooh wait, I introduced Percy to Becky’s cats.  He turned his head like he refused to recognize them.  I don’t think he would have been as dismissive if I had put him on the ground with all three of them.  

Saturday night was another successful meeting of the Try New Things Club at Korean BBQ.  I think I might have been okay with it if… we used different utensils to put the raw meat onto the grill than to take it off.  If we didn’t use the same scissor to cut everything up and then mixed it all together, and if the raw octopus wasn’t also touching the other meat and also touching it on the grill.  So OTHER than that, I think I might have liked it.  J  The company was delightful though. 

Octopi Kelly poking at my comfort zone:

Then yesterday I just cleaned and hung out with puppies until Dr. Rach came to play with me!  Did I mention that she’s great?  Because she totally is.  Especially when she’s bringing me presents.  Guess who’s going to be wearing Red Lipstick from now on?  This girl.  Although, not today because I was wearing my pretty new pink headband and I didn’t want to clash. J

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