Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tea and Crumpets

Last week I started taking Percy to the park to run him around the track like area.  It only takes 4 laps for him to get really exhausted – but we’re working on both of our endurance.  J  On Tuesday, I decided to take all three dogs, whether they wanted to or not.  Percy wasn’t a fan, but I picked him up, threw him into the crate in the car and left him to cry while I went after Nala.  She tried to run away, but I wasn’t having it, so I picked her up and put her in the car.  Then came Casper, who looked at me like, “really?” so I ended up having to pick him up and put him in the car.  I put Casper’s leashes on all three so they would be the same length even though they weigh roughly 1/6 of yorkies total weight. When we got to the park, Casper changed his mind and wanted RUN.  About two laps in Nala just stopped and sat down – to which I had no sympathy and made her keep running.  This incident might be why when I tried to get them in the car again they had even more resistance – and no amount of me saying, “we’re going to have fun!” changed their feelings. 

We met up with Rollie on Tuesday.  We met at the British Pantry which is next door to the Three Lions Pub, where his co-workers were going at the same time.  I believe the conversation went something like this:

Co-Worker:  We’re going to the pub, let’s go.
Rollie: I can’t, I’m getting tea and crumpets today. 
Co-Worker: What are you doing?
Co-Worker: You’d rather get tea and crumpets then go to the pub?
Rollie: Yes, that is what I am saying. 

I’m so glad a chose the British Pantry that day.  J 

Me: You know, even though you’ve been dating Angel for 14 years, those years don’t count.  You’ll think you’ve been together for 50 years, but you’ll only be able to celebrate your 36th anniversary.
Rollie: We won’t be celebrating anything.  At that point we won’t be talking to each other and sleeping in separate twin beds.
Me: Still arguing about whether or not chocolate milk and espresso is different than a mocha. 

Jordan was talking about using tools for various projects.
Me: You don’t use tools.
Jordan: No, not me specifically.  But in theory, tools are being used.  

On Saturday, I went to my first puppy class where many of the exercises were based on the fact that your puppy would want to do a bad behavior, and then you corrected it.  Only, Percy refused to do the bad behavior, and he got full up on treats after 5 minutes.  After class, we went to Bark Espresso to meet my co-worker Ryan’s dog.  It was a kinda nice to get the pups in a different environment, meeting another dog all over coffee.  On our way out, we saw a Norwegian Elkhound puppy (which is what my family had when I was really little.)  We went right from there to Sandy’s house who just got a new toy Poodle (which is the other dog we had when I was growing up – what are the chances!?)  The toy poodle was just a baby, but at 4.5 pounds, was already bigger than Nala and Percy.  We went for a walk, then everyone came back to the house for more puppy play time.  (Did I mention that my life has become very dog-centric lately?)  THEN we all went to IKEA for dinner and a spin around the wonder that is the Swedish flagship brand.  

I didn’t get a pic, but here’s an idea of the elkhound cuteness:

And more of Percy:

On Sunday, we went wedding dress shopping with Dr. Rach.  Before we went, we were making a lot of jokes about bringing Cheetos, Bloody Mary’s etc.  I had the places we were going to switched, so Shana commented, “Aren’t we meeting at Dress Theory first? I would be so embarrassed if I showed up to the wrong place with these balloons filled with paint.”   When actually arrived to first store, there was Jin, who was not on this text thread, eating orange soup. 

Naturally, Dr. Rach looked lovely in everything she wore – but we’re still on the hunt for that perfect dress.  While she was trying on dresses, the rest of us was watching another bride try on dresses.  Finally, she comes out in a dress and announces, “This is the one! Go ahead and take pictures ladies, because I’m buying it.”  That’s when Laina turns to me and says exactly what I was thinking, “She must be into LARPing.” 

After wedding dress shopping, we came home and watched 5 minutes of the puppy bowl and 5 minutes of the Kitty half time before the TV was taken over by Talespin.  After a couple episodes of that we headed over to Maggiano’s where Dawne began to plan everyone’s life for the next 3 years.  Meanwhile, Lucas announced, “I want to rebuild Nickelodeon to its former glory – like Mussolini.”  We all have goals I guess. 

Yesterday, I brought Percy to work and he was absolutely perfect.  He didn’t make a single sound all day long – even when I had to go to a meeting he just chilled by my desk.  I took him to one meeting, and he was perfect then too but every time someone saw him they felt compelled to go, “awww He’s so adorable!” to which I had to try to get everyone to focus.

Did I mention that my puppy is all eyebrows and ears now?

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