Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three Dollar Orange

Tuesday we had our monthly meeting at the UK Embassy, AKA, the British Pantry.  Rollie’s friends who, knew that he was going to lunch at the “girl side” of the Three Lion’s Pub, saw him through the window and decided to stare at him from outside.  He went out to say hello to them.  When he returned he told me that he had a crumb of food on his face when he went out there.  His co-worker and friend, licked his thumb and removed the crumb from Rollie’s face.  Honestly, this right here might exemplify the awesome that is Rollie: No matter where he works, or who he interacts with, eventually adores/feels so comfortable with him, that there are no boundaries. 

We were talking about how Christy is going to be going on a trip to England with her mother in which they will walk from one coast of England to the other. 
Christy:  It’s around 170 miles total. So not too bad.
Rollie: Yeah, if you were on a horse or in a car.

Wednesday was dullsville so I’ll share this video that Momela sent me.  It really is LOVELY:

Thursday and Friday were a blur of work and exhaustion.  This was the kind of week where Dawne and I opted to go to restaurant with adult beverages.    Then we went grocery shopping -  wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lucas: Do you know what I want to master?
Me (without hesitation): Skateboarding, Guitar, Pin-Ball, Illustrator – and I think you’ve given up on Yo-Yo. 
Lucas: Man.  You really know me. 

Saturday started off with puppy class, followed by lunch at MOD, and a quick stop at Evergreen Urgent care for my cousin’s allergies.  I finally watched Argo, and an engaging debate about organic food in which I was actually agreeing/supporting someone’s idea but ended up fighting about the sanity of a person who is willing to spend 3 dollars on an orange. 

Sean: Can you ask Eva if she would want to be a judge next Saturday for the science fair at Sleepy Hollow HS for behavioral science?
Eva: Sure!  Just lmk when they get there - $50 if he wants Bailey to win this thing. 
Sean: Bailey isn’t in it but I love that she’s so inexpensive. 

Sunday, we took the pups, including Percy for the very first time to Marymoor park (as you would expect, he was perfect.)  At the park, there is this dog wash place that works very much like a Brown Bear Car Wash – where you put your dog in the station, then click to spray water, then spray soap, click back to water, and then take the big blow drier out to dry before the last loving towel dry.  It would be perfect if the blow drier was just slightly warmer (for the Prince and Princess.)   It was shortly after the park that my cousins when to ECCC and I got to work on an Easter project (which will be revealed shortly.)

Things that make me grin, big time:

I went to visit Erika and Janette in December and got to hang out with Erika’s son, Toby.  Months later, he was asking Erika when I was coming back down to visit.  Apparently he isn’t very affectionate and has probably only said “I love you” to Erika 7 time in 5 years.  Last night I called during dinner so Erika let it go to voicemail.

Toby: Who was that?
Erika: Tiffany.
Toby: oooh! I love Tiffany!” 

I hope you’re having an awesome week!

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