Friday, October 11, 2013

Lost Girl

Update 9/30-10/7

I’ve been watching a lot of Lost Girl with Zach.  At one point, Zach said he wanted to watch something with super powers, so I saw this show on Netflix about a succubus and it was all downhill after that.  We’re well into the second season now, and the brilliant thing about our serial watching is that we hate the main character.  We think she’s selfish, never doesn’t anything right and can’t do anything on her own, but thinks that she’s amazing.  Despite our loathing, we can’t stop watching.  We’re a complicated duo. 

The good news is, Uncle Ray totally finished moving two walls in three days.  The bad news is, the whole house feels like it’s under construction, it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, and after ten years of having this house, it would appear that no one has ever taken a picture of the brown house so we have no way of showing how it changed.  Oh, and it’s super chilly. 

I don’t know how it happened, but I let the pups out the other day, and Nala managed to rip one of her nails out and needed a stitch.  For a pup who doesn’t like to snuggle, the girl sure knows how to looks so sad and pathetic that you just want to carry her for a week. 

Dawne and Jordan went to Chicago for the weekend and got to meet Nater’s new love interest, and her own adorable pup.   (She’s the one on top.)

Did I mention that I booked a flight to NY and then totally forgot that Janette was coming to visit me? I’m a bonehead.  Obviously, I changed the flight, I seriously can’t believe I messed up on two flights in a row.  Our office was playing musical chairs with our desks so our two buildings were closed on Friday.  I had gone to the doctor on Monday with an ear infection, but had been powering through work for four days.  So, I took the opportunity to sleep on my day off.  Mind you, I ended up moving from the brown house to a space in the yellow house so that I could keep sleeping without the soothing sounds of construction, but it didn’t stop me from sleeping until 3PM.  Then I showered and got ready to hang out with Jan-et-te.  I took her to the dog park (shocking) and then we met up with Neville and Eduardo for dinner and drinks. Honestly, even if I was feeling well, I always think it’s a good idea to rest up before I hang out with Janette because she has always had ten times more energy than I possess.  Either way, always a super good time.  J   

Saturday, I slept all day again, only waking up long enough for “breakfast” at MOD pizza with Luke and Zach.  I even showered, thinking that I would meet up with Janeville at the Rock box, but then, that didn’t happen, so I went to bed on the early side.  Saturday, I woke up hella early and drove an hour up to Everett for Luke’s regatta only to find out that his race got moved to 1.  I couldn’t stay that long unfortunately, so I left Luke and Arda a box of chocolate croissants, and Percy and I got back in the car to drive to brunch at Shana’s (bonus we got to see her new kitchen!) At one point, Percy managed to jump onto a chair that was completely pushed in and grab a piece of bacon off a place that was in between two pieces of paper towels.  I did not let him keep his contraband. 

After a lovely brunch with tons of food, fellowship and fun, Percy and I were off to meet up with Alex, Sarah, baby Zoe and Janeville at the Ballard Market.  We walked a little bit and then settled down for some drinks.  Throughout this sojourn, Percy was perfect and Sarah and Alex mentioned how impressed they were with his behavior.  I just didn’t have the heart to tell them about the little Stitch within.  J   After that, Percy and I picked up Lucas from Pocock boathouse and we then went to taco time.  I think this was my second time to taco time, and seriously, I had no idea how awesome it was.  I’d come back just for their soda fountain selection.  I got back to the house, put some laundry in (that was a necessity because of a gross incident that I had to deal with at 2am Sunday morning).  After that chore was taken care of, I turned around and Michelle and the girls arrived for dinner and boot shopping in Auntie Dawne’s closet. 

Now that I write it down, it feels like I packed all of the activities I missed sleeping on Friday and Saturday into Sunday.  No wonder I was sleepy again Monday morning!

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