Wednesday, March 19, 2014

These Boots Were Made For Running

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day!

Don’t freak out (like I am), but nothing fun happened last week.  Dawne was pretty stoked that the counter tops in the brown house arrived, which is exciting, but the kitchen isn’t done yet, so… it’s just a mini-achievement.   Bigger achievements include the many rooms in the yellow house were painted, the outside of the house & roof were power washed, and a bunch of extensive and necessary fixes were made on the house. 

I got a letter in the mail from my parents, that I really needed, that had some bonus sweet words on the outside, which I also appreciated. 

Dawne and I got a couple glorious morning walks in.  The sunrise, and fog, and just epic calm and beauty that can be found in the morning makes me wonder why I’m not more of a morning person. 

Oh! So on Tuesday, Jordan went to drop off Percy and Nala at PetCo in Kirkland for some grooming.  Dawne doesn’t like the PetCo in Crossroads, b/c they don’t blow dry Nala’s hair and she ends up looking like she has a tutu b/c her hair is so poofy.  However, PetCo in Kirkland said they were going to shave Percy, so I said I would pick him up and bring him to Crossroads.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with him though, b/c it was the middle of my work day.  I picked him up from Jordan’s office, and brought him over to my co-worker Christy’s house.  She was kind enough to invite Percy over for a play date with her pup Sparky.  When we introduced them, they seemed to hit it off, and after some minor safety (of Christy’s belongings) precautions, we went back to work.  At the end of the day, Christy headed home, and I told her I would finish something and be there in 3 min minutes.  This is where I made a crucial mistake.  When I got to Christy’s, her front door was ajar, her purse and jacket had been thrown to the ground, and neither human nor canine were in sight.  I grabbed some treats from the car and started walking along the street.  I saw Christy, out of breath, in boots, and carrying Sparky, saying something a kin to, “He’s so fast!  I opened the door an inch and they both went running… Percy stayed right on the double yellow line!” Yeah, that sounds like my boy.  I thought I took it pretty well considering how many busy street are in Kirkland, and how much distance he can cover in 5 minutes.  Luckily, I walked down the road calling his name, and he ran right back to me.  Christy had taken her car around to look, and when she found me she said, “Oh good.  Now I can cry.”  When she picked up her 6 year old son Asher from school, she related the story.  He was very upset saying, “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAD PUPPY ADVENTURES WITHOUT ME!!”  Post Script: The following day, when we were moving things into the car, Nala and Casper ran out into the driveway to check things out.  Percy sat down and waiting inside the open door for me to return.  Here’s Percy with his “You talkin’ bout me, Willis?” face.

On Friday morning I awoke to a very very low tire.  I made it up the street to fill it with air, and then went to work.  By the time I got out of work, it was pretty low again, so I filled it up one more time and limped away to Le Schwab to see if they could repair my clown car sized tire.  I was seriously surprised to find that they could indeed fix my tire, and they did it all for a smile and promise that I would return.  YOU BETCHYA!

After dinner, we ran over to 5th avenue theater to see Jordan’s niece Rosie perform in Spamalot.  I had never seen the play before, but I seriously had a hard time believing that these performers were in High School.  So amazing.  As a bonus, we got to see Jordan’s parents and sister there as well. 

Saturday was more moving fun.  I bought a new bedframe to reduce the footprint of the bed, and then took an hour of Dawne’s time repositioning said frame only to end up putting the room back in the exact same configuration that I had it before.  I then tried to move some of my stuff back into my room, but without the doors back in, it was kind of useless.  We did get the other bedroom set up though, and then met Jordan’s parents for a birthday lunch for Zach.  Some more moving and organizing, followed by Dawne & Jordan going out for a fun belated birthday evening, and Zach having friends over for a scavenger hunt/pool party.  This is how I wished Zach Happy Birthday, on FB, so he would notice it. J Then I bought him toilet paper for his new apartment.  I’m super helpful.

Meanwhile Saturday night and Sunday, I cleared out the craft room and most of the exercise room so that they could be painted on Monday.  The fam went down to Portland on Sunday to Monday which I heard was just okay sans good stories.  With them out of the house though, I did find the energy to make my green banana nut muffins – pretty much the only festive thing that I did for St. Patrick’s Day.  

Unless you count going to get a corned beef sandwich and spilling a diet coke on myself during lunch.  Thank goodness for layers. 

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