Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Too Loud, so, Yeah, I'm Old.

Big stuff happened last week – including Zach moving out of the house and in with Tristan.  As we then proceeded to see him every day since then for showers or meals, I *should* be sarcastic when I say, “I miss him, already.”  But, I do kinda already miss him. 

Here is my very well trained dog, not at all bothering Zach while he ate. Zach: He’s like a goat.

Last week, I was talking to Kelly over IM.
Kelly: Maggie is coming to visit next week and we’re going to get tattoos.
Me: Oh yeah? Of what?
Kelly: Not sure, but I have been sporting this temp Dinosaur tattoo lately, and it’s pretty cool.

On Monday, Kelly sent a picture of her tattoo to Shana saying, “Look! Now I’m a bad ass like, you!”  I think Shana’s response was, “Come back to me after 7 hours of a tattoo, but yeah, that’s adorbs.”

On Tuesday, I met up with Kelly for happy hour, which was nice, b/c that’s really the only time I get to see my co-workers. J  Plus, Matty joined in on the fun!  When Kelly showed off her dino tat, no one believed her that it was real until they very closely examined it.  The drawbacks of being a temporary tattoo aficionado.

We took a couple of lovely walks in the morning with the pups, and I tried very hard to get a good shot of the amazing Blue Heron that are in abundance at Marymoor.

I was able to make an appointment to chat with someone about my 5 year plan last week.  Her advice was awesome, even if I did cry a little out of panic because I have never had a 5 year plan.  Anyone who has spent any time at all with me, will not be surprised by this, but still, I felt super embarrassed about it.  Which is also why I don’t know why I’m telling you about it.  :P

On Friday, Sandy made dinner for me, Dawne and Zach.  It was such an incredibly kind thing for her to do.  I don’t know what it is about someone recognizing that you’re stressed out and magically figuring out a way to make an hour of your week lovely.  I guess because it is such a rare thing, that I was just incredibly appreciative.  She went all out to make something that we all liked, and Pete made us really delightful coffee that we enjoyed with homemade cookies.  And then, when plans changed and we had to leave 5 minutes after a text from Lucas, they weren’t insulted or upset and it was just super.  We made it to Luke’s performance at Ground Zero.  When we walked in, it was obnoxiously loud, but Lucas was right there with earplugs to save the evening!  We might be old, but we still have our hearing!

Later that evening, Dawne and I played some Skip-Bo, even though Percy was not pleased about it.

Other than that, we packed some stuff up, cleaned some things, lots of stuff got painted and installed and fixed.  We also went to Home Depot twice, Bed Bath & Beyond three times, Good Will twice, four furniture stores, a carpet warehouse and a couple stops at Target, Fred Meyer, Michael's.  Typical weekend shenanigans.

Zach: So 12 PM is like lunch?
Lucas: Yeah.  It’s so weird.
True story.

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