Thursday, April 24, 2014

Belated Birthday Message

Update 4/7 – 4/13

In case you missed it, Monday was my birthday. J  But I kinda celebrated all week.  I got some beautiful flowers from my aunt, boss and my brother’s fam, which made my desk at work looked very girly, which is just how I like it.

 I got to work, and there was a very urgent meeting request from my boss for a team meeting.

Co-Worker:  That looks like a scary meeting, I’m super worried.
Me: Really? Because I’m hoping it’s just an excuse for you all to wish me a happy birthday. 

And it was… plus cupcakes, which confirms that they are awesome, and I’m a jerk.  J

Then, I went for a birthday lunch, followed by a birthday dinner at MOD pizza with guest appearance from Diana & Harper!

Me: My sister called to tell me that she and the boys went camping on Saturday.  Apparently, it got down to 20 degrees, and even though they were freezing they couldn’t leave because it was a boy scout trip.  She had Kevin and Patrick huddled close, and she was hoping that Kyle wasn’t cold b/c he didn’t wake up and complain.  It turned out he just held in the complaints until 5am. She ended the story saying, “Basically, it was the worse weekend of my life.”
Zach: So far…


Dawne: We were at Disney the other day and a dad was “watching” his kid while his wife was in the restroom.  I watched this kid sit there licking rocks.  I didn’t want to say anything and question his parenting abilities.
Me: This is like that time we went to the Bronx Zoo for Mother’s day.  Mo, Pat and I watched a kid pull something out of the trash and start to eat it.  His mother turned around and yelled, “Spit it out, you filthy animal!”

Zach was talking about a girl he met.
Zach: I think she’s a hipster.
Lucas: I thought she was New Age.
Zach: Same thing.  They are both ridiculous.
Lucas: I know what do.  You go in and order a Moroccan mint tea and then compliment her bracelet as an excuse to show her your amethyst crystal.

Zach: There’s also a really cute girl that works at the French Bakery so I should make some excuses to go to Crossroads more.
Me: Didn’t you just stop working at crossroads?  That was a pretty solid excuse…

Kristy posted this picture of the three of us from a birthday party a couple of years back at McD’s. Mo responded: Was this the one that Kevin was going to and forgot where we were going on the 5 minute drive there? Kevin asked Patrick where we were going - Patrick screams to him - Your Birthday Party!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Dawne’s birthday at IHOP.  I would later find out that I left my wallet at IHOP after searching everywhere.  Sooo grateful that I found it!

This week, allergies and pollen were high in the PNW.  Like I washed my car and got the oil changed, and then the next day there was a thick layer of yellow pollen covering it.  Poor Stella.  Good thing she’s more resilient than the rest of us. 

In an effort to actually get this email out, I’m going to speed it up a bit.  The kitchen in the brown house is finally done… doesn’t it look pretty (similar to the one in the yellow house. J )

On Thursday, I got to spend 7 hours interviewing.  I was told to stay in one room and not leave.  When the second interviewer left, he asked, “Do you want me to leave you some water and stale bread outside the door?”  The third interviewer said, “I heard you aren’t allowed to leave this room.  Wanna go to Starbucks?”  I really can’t imagine going through this whole process without having all the information about the team and position.  Super intimidating, even WITH the knowledge.  Which is why I just kept repeating to myself, “Don’t. Mess. This. Up.”

We tried out a new place this week, the Tipsy Cow.  On the menu, they had fried bacon with a side of maple syrup.  I thought it sounded yucks, but it WASN’T.  Two days later, I would take Dr. Rach back to the Tipsy Cow because when I find a new place, I like to share it with EVERYONE.

I went to the Pro Club for some Spa Treatments and a quick work out for our birthday’s.  Dawne was headed to the Hot Tub with Theresa. 
Me: Did you want to go in the Hot Tub?
Kelly: Do you go naked?
Me: No…
Kelly: Oh, okay.  Then no.  I didn’t bring a swim suit.

Friday evening, Kelly came over with Piper, who was super well behaved around the pups.  Nala was not a fan, but I don’t think she likes other females in her territory, to be honest.   It was very cute to see Piper be a part of a mini pack.  Then… we watched the first two episodes of Veronica Mars.  (I thought we had season 1 & 2, but actually we just had two copies of season 2.  Naturally.)  Based on the fact that Kelly fell asleep during episode two, and I proceeded to watch many many more episodes over the course of the weekend, I think it’s safe to say that I liked it more. 

On Saturday, Dr. Rach came over bright and early and we got to go to Marymoor with the pups.  I love any excuse to see Dr. Rach, but combining it with a sunshine filled walk in the park made it absolutely perfect. 

Sunday morning, after we ALL slept down in the brown house, Jordan made us blueberry pancakes.  A pretty great way to christen the kitchen! 

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