Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Update 3/24 – 3/30

I started out last week asking pinging Briana.
Me: Aren’t you having a baby soon?
Briana: Wednesday is the due date.
Me: So are your bags packed? Are your ankles as big as your thighs now?

I know, I’m so helpful.  Banana had Austin Cole on Thursday, 3/27!  And, to make it official, here’s a pic of the perfect little man:

I was chatting with some co-workers when the subject of Portland came up, by a person who looked like they stepped out of Portlandia. My other co-worker proceeded to inform him, “I don’t like Portland.  There are no old people. It’s a bunch of Hipsters. Ugly Hipsters that make me feel old.” I don’t think he’ll be working for the Oregon travel bureau anytime soon.  For the record, I think Portland is just fine.  J  Oh and then I got back to my desk and this happened:

I got to chat with my college roommate Sarah, who I haven’t spoken to in forever, like she has two kid now kind of forever.  That was pretty cool.  Ooh and Bails turned 16! I got to Facetime with her as she opened presents.  Gotta love technology.  I missed the party, but it looks like they had a blast!

Speaking of former roommates, I spoke to Erika ever so briefly last week.  I’m a big fan of the chat when you have 5 minutes.  I figure I would rather talk to someone for 5 minutes than not at all, and Mommy’s tend to limited free time.  Anyway, I spoke to her and then we took Zach out to Buffalo Wild Wings, and on our way back from South Center, I got a call from a giggling Erika.
Erika: I just pulled a prank and I need to know how bad it is.
Me: Okay…
Erika: I just left to get some ice cream and instead of telling Kenny, I left a note that said, “I can’t do this anymore. I love you. Bye.”
Me: Where were the kids?
Erika: Kenny was holding Daphne and was upstairs saying good-night to the boys.
Me: Okay, so the kids are safe.
Erika: I know we have the iPhone tracker, so I could take this to the next level.  I could go to the next county! Or take a road trip to Seattle!
Me: Okay, there is a point where this is hilarious, and there is a point where it’s mean.  I’ll let you decide where that line is. 
Erika: Good point.  I’ll call you and let you know how it plays out. 

Erika: He laughed. After checking every room in the house and tracking my phone.  Minor panic, mostly funny. 

Speaking of panics, one day last week, when we came home from the park, Nala started throwing up blood.  Dawne rushed her to the doctor, and apparently she has pancreatitis.  This means that, even though Dawne never cooked for her kids, she has started cooking chicken and turkey for her canine babies.  So far, they are loving it (at least more than the baby food we had to feed them!)  Don’t worry, we still aren’t cooking for ourselves. 

On Thursday, I came into work, and was surprised to find that my co-worker was baby-sitting a baby yorkie for the day, and had to sneak her into work.  I held her as much as possible, but I am ashamed to say that I never found out what her name was!

Dawne and I searched for these plastic thingy’s for the bathrooms that needed to be white instead of off-white now that the ceilings have been painted.  We searched all over, then online and found out that they were going to be $18 X 16.  Dawne decided she would just spray paint them instead.  Which is awesome.  But then the following day, she ordered these super cool, but pricey door knobs, completely negating the saving.  But in Dawne-math, totally made the door knobs “affordable.”  In case the last ten updates weren’t clear, this is our world now. 

Gabo sent a formal request to Kelly, AKA the dictator of the Try New Things Club, for a meeting.  I think he might have created a precedent that no one wants to follow, except of course, the dictator.  J Anyway, we all headed over for some Japanese BBQ, where I totally tried a bite of cows tongue.  I agree, it did kinda taste like a hamburger, but I also didn’t have more than a bite of it.  Unfortunately, it’s a busy place, and we got kicked out after an hour… which also was the exact time that Gabo finally got out of work.  L  Lame.  This is the only funny thing I remember from the evening:

Dawne: It’s okay.  I’ve had a cleaning lady for 7 years who still doesn’t know my name. 
Me: What does she call you?
Dawne: Donna. 
Me: That’s pretty too.

On Saturday, we met up with Zach for breakfast in Redmond.  We gave ourselves 2.5 hours, but I still ended up running from breakfast to Ballard to see Jen’s daughter Lily perform in “Alice in Wonderland.”  The kids were adorable.  I especially loved the Tweedles who paused half way through their scene to whisper about what their lines were.  And the point where a little girl forgot that she had her mic on, and over the courtroom scene we all heard, “I Like tennis.  Not as much as golf, but Tennis is fun. I guess it depends on where you go…”  and after the play resumed, we also heard, slightly quieter, “They skipped my line…”  Seriously cute, though I’m sure not as cute as when I was the Queen of Hearts in elementary school.  Maybe one day I’ll share that video with you. 

Later, Diana stopped by with her majesty, Harper.  We grabbed some dinner, did a little shopping at crossroads.  It was simple, and lovely.  Sunday, Jordan was home for about 9 hours between trips.  I made bacon and pancakes for breakfast, and Zach came by.  Jordan did a quick walk through the progress on the house, and then it was about time for him to catch a flight to China.  I did a little more unpacking, including starting this new thing where I hang up my clothes in outfits, which has been fantastic!  More work on the house, followed by dinner in Factoria, a stop at Target and watching Delivery Man in the theater.   Not a bad way to finish up the week! 

I hope you’re having a blast – I’ll try not to take ALL week to write the next update – but no promises.

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