Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Much for the Sweet Guns?

I don’t know how I got so behind, but here I am with an update from 3/31 – 4/6.

I called my niece Jackie and asked her some questions to figure out what she might like for her birthday.  She has a bunch of very typical 13 year old like ideas.

Jackie: I would also like a iPhone 5s case.  I mean I don’t know for sure that I am going to get one, but if I do, I’m going to need a case.  I’d like the Magenta one, but that’s usually out of stock, so if you have to, I’ll take the green one. 

O rly.

Jackie: Just get me something that SCREAMS Jackie. 

That’s an invitation if I’ve ever heard one.  I got her some make up (teen gift, check), Hair ties (to show her I still know what’s cool), Bacon Band-Aids (b/c of the b-day list she made for me) and what really spoke to me was a make your own ukulele kit (naturally.) 

Tuesday was Erika Jane’s birthday.  I sent her flowers, which caused her to ask me what kind a particular flower was.  I tried to do some internet sleuthing until I finally gave up.
Me: This is already the longest convo I’ve had about flowers…
And then later
Me: What color is the center? Actually, I don’t really care. 
Erika: I can’t see the center.  Oh. Thanks for pretending.

In other news, I found a Starbucks card as I was cleaning the other day and tried it out and got mega java and had $17 left.
Me: SHUT UP! That’s awesome!
Barista: I will NOT shut up, it’s true!

On Friday, I got a chance to meet up with Kelly for a green smoothie.  Okay, I did meet Kelly, but only she had the green smoothie.  I was just there for the company.  J

Over the weekend, the tiling got done in the brown house and new carpeting was installed into the yellow house.  The tricky bit was keeping the pups and strangers separated.  At one point I put them all in the car to get lunch/groceries.  Jordan had come home early to help clean the garage, which also meant that I had to go through a couple of boxes I hadn’t looked into since WK.  I found some serious gems, including everything that was on my desk.  I had one BSG tin, with marshmallow gun ammo, a lil bit of shredded naughty paper from when I wrapped Rollie’s desk and then he shredded said wrapping and hid it all over my desk, and this note from a convention. 

Totally worth storing.  No seriously though, this is when I decided I needed a storage unit.  I packed up a couple of boxes, and Zach and I drove over to get a unit.  This might have been the most freeing thing I did all week.  Yay for getting to keep my things!  On our way back, I was trying to be super nice and cool b/c I really did appreciate Zach driving me. Lord knows I couldn’t fit the stuff in my Fiat.  But when we were 5 min from the house I broke down to say, “I understand you might take your hands off the wheel sometimes (AKA: at least 5 times on 15 min drive home) and you might look away from the road (AKA: once a minute), but could you not do these things at the same time?”  I know, I’m an ungrateful brat.

On Sunday, I finished moving into my room and clearing out the master bedroom of the brown house.  And just when I totally wanted to stop, Becky stopped by.  She kept me company while I cooked the food for the dogs for the week.  Um, did I mention that Percy feels like he’s gained weight on his non-fat diet?  He can’t get enough. I can still feel his ribs, so he’s clearly not over weight, but he is definitely bulking up – maybe it’s all muscle? J

Maureen (mom of three boys for 12 years): My son, Kyle, brings home a deer skull and leaves it in the yard for our dog. He says, "I think she likes it!" I say, "get that thing out of here!" Always feeling unprepared for this parenting job. I'm positive my brother is not coming home to this type of stuff.

When I told Dawne (mom of three boys for 25 years) this she said: Oh! That reminds me, your boy, Percy brought me a piece of a jaw that he found.  When I pulled it out of his mouth, I decided my boys would think it would cool, so I left it on the table outside for them.

Maureen: What is it a skull of? Btw I noticed Kyle’s deer skull made its way to the front of Mom and Dad’s house :)
Dawne: It was a gift! Do you ask where your gifts come from?

And lastly, from the grateful files, I was super grateful that Percy didn’t jump down this hole when the grate was off of it for painting purposes.  J

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