Monday, August 11, 2014

All Shall Be Revealed

Technically, I'm adding Sunday 8/3 to this update, but only b/c the last one seemed to go on forever. :)  On Sunday, D, J, Lucas and I took the pups over to Ballard to check out the farmers market and in general enjoy the sun.  Mind you, I prefer to soak in the sun while soaking in the pool, but our time with Lucas is quickly passing so we were willing to do whatever he wanted to.  We marveled at the donut machine and how we definitely needed one of those when we went into the donut business. We had lunch outside at this Puerto Rican place, which was seriously yummy.  Stopped at Archie McPhees for all the college "necessities."  You know, the usual.   Lucas has been asking for his mother to shave his head all summer, and finally she caved/found the time to do it.

Dawne: I've cut it pretty close, are you sure you want to do this.
Lucas: I've already made the leap in my mind.  There's not going back.
Dawne: Do you want to at least look in the mirror now?
Lucas: You don't have to be attached to the worldly self, Mom!
Dawne: Did you know that you have a mole right here on the top of your head?
Lucas: Really?! We're learning more about my body!  I've never been bald, I even had hair when I was born.  It was just time!
Jordan: Zach do you want to be next?
Zach: We don't have time.
Tristen: When I had to shave my head for the military, I always worried that I would be walking and get a gash on my head.  But I was fine.
Jordan: Apparently, the protective nature of hair is not that much.
Zach: The novelty of this has already worn off.

When we finished watching the transformation, Lucas went to a show and we all headed over to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Soooo good.

My sister was asking if there are certain dog breeds that like to dig.   I'm not sure about that, but I do know Percy is a big fan.

 He's also not a huge fan of when I leave him with Aunt Pat in the morning.  This is him staring me down as I leave.

Jordan has been making a lot of terrain for the Golem Arcana debut at Gen Con.  We were sitting at the table when him when we noticed his recent piece.

Dawne: Why did you make it like that?
Jordan: I was bored.
Dawne: But honey you won't be able to stand on it that way.
Jordan: That's the same kind of comment Frank Lloyd Wright's wife used to make.

Oooh! On Tuesday, Laina and Mo got a new kitten.  They named him Tom Selleck.  Laina, "And he's black and white, just like us!"

Pretty random, but I forgot to add this awesome pic of my mom and brother dancing at the tenth anniversary of Morgan's birthday party. So cute!

Wednesday night we had some of the fam over for dinner.  Dawne and I got Harper to crawl (possibly for the first time) by using a dog toy as incentive.  Dawne is a super awesome niece isn't she?! 

I gotta be honest, Thursday was awesome.  I worked from home in the morning, which meant that I got to hung out a little bit with Lucas watching a documentary on Harry Nilsson. 

After that, I went to the company picnic which was Hawaiian Luau themed.  After a lovely time there, I went home to work for a little bit more before heading over to Fremont for a little shopping with Dawne and the pups.  Anders met us at around 7 at Norm's where we had dinner and waited for Trivia to begin... HARRY POTTER TRIVIA.  Okay, so there were only like 14 questions on HP, and Dr. Rach missed the majority of them. Stupid work - but still it was the very best we've ever done at trivia. 

Saturday, I did some shopping, and then when I got back to the house, I left a gift for Lucas in return for him digitizing a tape of my grandparents telling some stories. It was really cool to hear their voices again. Zach stopped by to get a haircut at salon mom. Then, Matty, Dawne and I went on a little hike followed by lunch where Matty got us all up to date on his life. Then we went for a little swim before I had to buckle down and get some work done.  Unfortunately, I missed the party at Marc's which I heard was super fun.  Sunday was also pretty chill.  We went out on the boat some, swam in the lake, and then swam in the pool.  Then I got some more work done while D&J headed to a wedding.   While we were chatting with Marc and Lynn, we started going over some all-purpose phrases to wrap up a conversation.

My brother is a big fan of "It is what it is."  I used to think this was a terrible thing to say, but now I kind of love it.  Marc said he knew this guy who would say, "Damn ____" after anyone talked to him.  If they were talking about their kids, "Damn Kids."  Or "Damn Government" or "Damn Cars."  A slightly more negative approach, but still useful.  He also thought the biggest screw you, would be to say, "And there it is."  I hadn't heard that one, so it was hard to get upset about it.  My favorite though, and you'll probably hear it a lot more from me is, "All shall be revealed."

I hope you all had a great week!

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