Friday, October 3, 2014

Bone Spurs

Update 9/22 – 9/28

By the time Monday rolled around my foot hurt so badly that I caved and made a doctor’s appointment.  I also walked into the office to see that my flowers were dead, dead, dead. So, I figure things had get better than that. 

After an x-ray, I found out a I had a bone spur (which totally sounds made up) and had made another doctor’s appointment for later that same afternoon. The podiatrist was very kind, patiently explained what was wrong (plantar fasciitis), and gave me a clear plan of action to fix.  When I left, my foot was taped up so I had to keep it dry for a week and followed by a week of heels. 

Co-Worker: A lot of my really athletic friends have bone spurs!
Me: Yeah, that doesn’t sound like me. 

Oh, and Casper got me up hella early, which means I got to see this pretty sunrise. 

We were talking about an old co-worker that used to add a lot of tension to the team.
Co-Worker 1: Didn’t you share an office with them?
Me: Yeah! What was that like?
Co-Worker 2: I bet it was like the opening plot if Frozen.

Unrelated to anything, here’s an update from my cousin in Florida that I thought was the highest of lariouses.

Also, right when I desperately needed it, a new Fresh Patch came in the mail.  Such a fun little product – fresh grass for the most spoiled of caged animals.

On Friday, Uncle Ray came over for dinner while Aunt Pat was on a road trip to Olympia.  I figured I had to cook chicken for the pups anyway, I could go the extra mile and make us some dinner too.  Although, he interpreted that as me feeding him dog food, but it was really delicious and healthy dog food.  I can’t help it if they eat better than we do. 

OH! Okay, so Becky asked me to meet her at 9am on Saturday at Safeway to give out grocery lists to strangers and ask for food for Hopelink.  There were enough of us to be at both doors, and by 10 am we had collected some food, handed out a bunch of fliers, and were feeling pretty good.  That’s when the mayor of Sammamish showed up and asked us to stop volunteering at the food drive.  While we had permission from the grocery store, he had set up food drives at all of the grocery stores, had his own volunteers and didn’t want us helping.  He told us to leave the food, signage and flyers, and contact Hopelink to come to talk to him directly.  I’m sure he had press coming and didn’t want to be seen getting food for anyone outside of Sammamish.  Either way, he wasn’t nice about it, and I left a little flabbergasted that we were kicked out of a food drive.

Me: Is he kicking us out?
Becky’s Friend: No! He wouldn’t ask us to stop volunteering.
Me: Actually, I think that’s exactly what he’s doing. 

Later in the day, two women came to my house and detailed Stella.  I’ve never had my car detailed, so I was pretty stoked to have a layer of dust, dirt and dog hair removed.  Oh! We also cleaned out the garage.  Not as fun as having someone else clean your car for you, but still, satisfying in a different way. 

On Sunday, I stopped by the store to grab some beer on my way to Dr’s Rach and Ander’s for some super fun Harry Potter action when I saw a “family size” version of rice krispie treats.  No joke, a cookie sheet sized treat.  I might have told the woman at the counter, “Finally! A size that fits my sugary needs!”  When I handed it to Dr. Rach I said, “Homemade treats!”  She took it to heart and cut them up perfectly, put them on a dish, threw away the evidence and then placed them on the table next to the vegetables.  One of the many reasons why I heart her. 

We were talking about how it’s started to rain in Seattle and how much the people of Seattle get excited about this gloomy weather.
Hays: Finally time for our dark hobbies!
Anders: Like necromancy. 

Okay, I think that’s about it!  Hope you all are doing well and are as happy as I am that I have finally caught up!

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