Friday, June 12, 2015

Flashback Friday

5/18 – 5/24

My week started with this note from Maureen sharing a paper written by Patrick.  It's a little blurry, but warning: if you can make it out you might get a case of the aww's.

Followed by my friends sharing with me this little internet gem that amused me greatly.

Dawne was trying to garden a bit (I’m not entirely sure why) by pulling some weeds.  A lot of them were very difficult to pull so just as she was going to get a shovel, Percy ran over and dug it out for her.  She proceeded to point out which ones she needed removed, and he systematically dug out only the weeds.  Percy is finally earning his keep around here!

This is a bit of a flash back Friday for you.  When Evivova and I were little, we were constantly trying to make stuff and then sell it.  Neighborhood newspapers, tickets to carnivals (we did donate that money to Guiding Eyes), informational books, lemonade, you name it.   We even transformed all of my books into a library when John C Hart was under construction.  I did it because I genuinely thought people needed access to book, but I suspect Evivova was in it for the late fees.  One day, we decided to make wet towelettes (scented and unscented) and I swear to you they looked exactly like this the image below.  We were sitting on a goldmine Trebek! 

In response to my email, I heard from Kathi, and because she’s hilarious, I’m going to share.   Lucky you!

Kathi: Soo...did you include these Dave Matthews stories to hurt my feelings. I might have taken some sharp breaths when I read this on the train. People possibly turned to find out where the wheezing came from....

I am also glad Caspar survived...I will have to do the same thing for my plants when I go on vacation. Otherwise Hendrik will kill all of them.
Speaking of which...I think you and I should go on a vacation again. We were in France last week and I had to think of you and me and us a couple of times. 

Especially when we finished Versailles in 45 min. 
Hendrik: Wow this was pretty epic. We finished Versailles in under an hour
Kathi: Not as epic as when Tiffany and I finished London in under a day.

Before that we were also in London earlier this year.
Hendrik: Is there anything you want to see in particular?
Kathi Nah...Tiffany and I did it all XD

I would like it noted that we’re only able to do that because of Kathi.  Sure, I may have said, “We have a whole day, we can totally see all of London!” But it was Kathi who mapped it all out so we knew exactly where all the tube stops were so we could accomplish it all with ease.  Hash tag the importance of a good travel buddy.

Lucas was telling me that he had a friend who was really into this old Window’s Dog game that was a little bit like the Tamagotchi’s where you would feed and take care of it.  Sadly, when Windows upgraded, he could still see his dog, but you could no longer feed or interact with it because it wasn’t compatible.  Naturally, when the dog ultimately died, he put it on a floppy disc and buried it outside. 

Lucas had a picnic date, and he put together the most adorable basket that was very matchy match, and then prepared a little meal for the both them.  So cute.

As I may have mentioned, the yellow house was sold, and as we drew closer to the closing date, every weekend has been all about moving.  Marc, Lynn, Raymond, Michelle and the girls all came on Saturday to help.  Mind you every DAY has been about moving for Dawne, but she’s stronger than all of us. In fact one day, I was sent this gem of Zach and I looking like we were on the red carpet AKA Luke’s Bar Mitzvah.

The weekend before, Lucas and I were emptying bottles into the sink and we had some trouble with the sink, so Dawne had spent the week trying to fix it.   She then asked me to empty the rest of the bottles to test it.  20 minutes later, she was downstairs and the sink literally exploded with the most foul smelling liquid all over her.  (Disclaimer: All of the plumbing was fixed by a professional prior to closing.)  I didn’t take a picture of the explosion, but I did snap one of these fun bottles that Jordan had been collecting (so he could remember them after I threw them out.)  Similarly, I snapped one of Lucas’ Tick art work in remembrance of the many many times Lucas put that image on things when he was little. 

Jordan: We are going to see if we can change history and have the Hindenburg come down safely. 

I went down to the basement and found to my dismay that the downstairs fridge had never been cleaned out.  There was a mysterious bowl of  something left there for over a year, which I tossed b/c it went with the set of dishes I took anyway, and yucks.  (Did I mention that Dawne found a whole load of dishes in the dishwasher that we almost forgot too?)  Anyway, it pained me, but I emptied these bottles as well because that’s what happens when you’ve been moving for two years.  I found it funny that I was tossing out Guinness next to a sign that said German’s Only.  Kind of reminded me of that same trip with Kathi, when I went to Ireland with all of my German friends.

I can’t remember if I ever shared this weirdo thing that I did from 2008.  When I moved back to NY, I didn’t bring everything back with me (assuming that I would take a road trip with all of it later.)  So, left this note on the door of my room.

Do you remember when we sent out a spreadsheet of our activities instead of a newsletter for Christmas back at the height of activity when we had 14 people living with us.  I miss those days (and not just because Gilmore Girls was still on the air.)

Or back when we used to have epic Halloween parties like the Dead Celebrity party.  This was also the party that Maureen came and when we were getting changed up in my room she said, “Uh, there is a guy on the balcony breathing fire.” To which I replied, “Oh yeah, that guy.  He’s always there.”  Later, after the rubber ducky race, she would find that he was a part of a performance down by the pool complete with synchronized swimming.

Some other gems:

(That’s my grandpa!)

Another example of us being so tired of moving that we started eliminating even our cherished belongings:
Dawne: What should we do with these swords and shields?
Boys: Just get rid of them.
Dawne: Really?  This is the only thing [Zach] asked to be shipped to college – maybe I’ll give them to Theresa.
Me: I’ll put them in my storage – you can’t get rid of those. 
Nater (Picking up one of the swords): So… how bout it?

The thing about the many many events we had over the years, we don’t have one thing, we end up having 25 dodge balls, lite brites, easy bake ovens etc.  Here is an example of 20 trays, b/c one day we decided to have everyone over for TV dinners and a movie in the theater.  We left them for the new owners.  I wonder if they will figure out why the “need” them.

As we were trying to get something very unwieldly around a corner, I heard Jason yell, “Pivot! PIVOT!!”

This was actually the day before when we were being crafty in how we got furniture into the little blue house. At one point the camera falters because I got scared.

And lastly, for other reason than it made me giggle:

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