Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Yard for Percy

Update 6/1-6/7

I'm going to apologize for any confusion because of my delayed updates.  Debina was particularly perturbed by the erratic information she was getting.  Hopefully, now that I'm actually catching up, it'll make more sense. :)

A condo had gone on the market on Saturday, but because of how busy the weekend was, I wasn't able to go see it until Monday at 11.  At that point there were already 3 or 4 offers, and all offers needed to be submitted by 5PM.  I honestly thought about not even going to see it because I didn't want to end up liking it when the chances were slim that I would get it.  I met Jason there at 11 (we got there at the same time as another couple.)  I spent about 10 minutes in the place, and then told Jason I wanted to put an offer on it, and then went back to work.  By 6 that evening, my offer was accepted and I was on my way to being a homeowner!

I had texted Dawne telling her that I had put an offer on the house, and she and Lucas went over there.  Not knowing that someone was still living there, she peeked into the window.  When she was seen, she ran away.  :)  When I got home, I picked up Percy and said told him "I might have just bought you a really expensive Percy Playground."  It's smaller than all the places I had been looking at, but the yard is really awesome, and I think it's perfect for me and the Percy boy.  

I can't remember if I told this story or not because it happened over a couple of weeks, I'm just going to tell it now.  Flashing back to Aug 2010:

"Peter had lost his luggage so I offered him some clean T-shirts, but he refused one saying “I can’t wear a shirt with a GIRL on it!” (It was a beer and scotch festival T-shirt btw)

Then, at the 90th birthday party, he complained about having to wear Yankees and Albany T-Shirts, so naturally I said: Look around you Peter. I’m the only one out of every one here who even offered you a clean shirt."

Eva had brought this moment in May:

(the answer was citrine btw).

And then the other day I saw a pic of Freddy's 2nd Birthday:

In the move, we went through some of the puppy accessories and found clothes that were too small for our pups.  I brought a couple cute outfits for the owner of Percy's Daycare because she has a little poodle.  Doesn't she look abfab?

The rest of the week was kind of a blur of surprise and work.  It all had happened so quickly that it was hard to believe that I didn't have to house hunt anymore.  On Tuesday, we had game night at Zach & Tristin's.

Nathan: Do you recycle?
Tristin: We are going thru a phase where we hate the environment.

We played a new version of Werewolf that I really liked because I could sleuth the werewolves out.  When I was complemented on my deduction skills, I simply responded with, "I have watched Elementary." 

When I got home, Lucas was outside taking pictures.
Lucas: I wonder if I can take a picture of the cloud.
Lucas: I just called the moon the cloud.

I watched Maid in Manhattan again, trying to catch up on Monday emails, and seriously couldn't believe that J-Lo could fall for Voldemort.

The weekend was kind of perfect, filled with Sunshine, pool, and some of my favorite friends. Jordan made Dawne and I pancakes in the morning and Dawne practiced doing Rosie's make up on me.  She would later do Rosie's prom make up, but in the meantime I looked fabulous and ready for the pool!  

Kelly came over and we hung out in the pool, had a couple adult beverages, and ate some quesadilla's.  Everyone was scheduled empty the driveway at 2, but then Rosie's hair appointment changed, so Dawne did her make up at Maya's house.  The reason for the exile from the house was because Jordan's neice Rosie asked if a couple of friends could come over to take pictures by the lake.  When we found out that we didn't have to leave until 4:30, Kelly did the only logical thing; we took a nap.  Waking up just in time, we took the pups to the park.  After the park we went to the Malt and Vine until we were allowed back into the house. 

Guess how many people showed up for the prom pictures?

I'll wait. 


There were 30 kids, and over 60 adults plus siblings.  Who know where they all parked, but Jordan described it as an "Invasion of glitter and spandex."  Later, when Dawne told Lucas about it, his response was, "aren't you glad none of us were popular?"

Me to Kelly: I told Dawne I would take this food to a food drive so she had one less thing to worry about.  But, I don't know where a food bank is.
Kelly: It's all in your car?
Me: Yeah, but it's mostly diet shakes.
Me: They are totally meal replacements - it says so on the packaging!

Tristin and Zach came over to the house to make us bacon wrapped Jalapeño poppers. 

Kelly: Should I ask him if he's already started cooking or if it's going to be 3 hours?
Me: No, don't ask.  You know it's going to me 3 hours - we'll just order pizza. 

There were two jalapeno incidents within those three hours.  First, Zach didn't wash his hands and then wiped his eyes.  Then, Tristin and Zach didn't remove the seeds from 20% of the poppers.  So on Tristin's 3 popper, he was very unpleasantly surprised by the fire that consumed his mouth.  Kelly and I were very happy that we ordered pizza.   Oh, and I watched Anchorman 2 (without watching Anchorman so I have no way to judge if it was better or as good as the first.)

On Sunday, I took the pups to the park and then met Dr. Rach and Anders for brunch.  I told them that Lucas had bought a Fuji insta camera.  Rachel said, "If anyone had ever been born in the wrong decade, it's Lucas."  We stopped at the "Lil' Store" for some beers, and then spent the next 5 or so hours in the pool.  Dr. Rach is so tiny, you'd never know she was a week out from her due date!  I accidentally questioned her going on the boat, not actually knowing anything about being pregnant, but knowing that Jen stopped going on the boat after a while.  The doctor's both decided to stay in the pool with me, but agreed that as soon as she was full tern they'd be back for boating, trampolines and any other activity that would encourage little Anderson to arrive. (Oh, yeah, I don't think that's actually the kids name - they haven't figured that out yet - but it is the literal description of the situation.) 

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