Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nut Shave

Update 11/30 - 12/6

I think most of this week was a blur of work and catching up because I have nothing of interest to report.  Oh! Except that I forgot to mention that the week before I rushed to get my "move/Christmas" Card out before Thanksgiving.  When I told my mom that I had gotten them in the mail on Wednesday, my dad ran to the post office that same day to put his in the mail because he's always the first to get his cards out.  Because he is closer to most of the people on our mutual lists, they all got theirs the day after T-day, while mine came several days later.  So, he wins again!

On Saturday, I had brunch at Dr. Rach & Anders.  While holding Anderson...
Jen: OMG, if I could guarantee my baby would be this cute I might do it again.

Anders made some seriously amazing coffee cocktails complete with whiskey, amaretto whipped cream and nutmeg from an actually shaved nut. 

Me: Seriously, how cool was that Nut Shave? I had no idea that was a thing.
Jen: Speaking of Nut Shave...
Me: No way, you actually have a Nut Shave story?
Jen: Yes! In college, during one of my classes, these guys did video project of a guy shaving his nuts. While filming,  there was an unfortunate incident in which the razer nicked the skin. 
--Insert collective gasp of sympathetic pain--
Jen: It was a very artsy fartsy class. In college I was in to that... not nut shaving but artsy fartsy stuff. 

Someone was talking about something and mentioned "Short form."
Lily: I don't know what that is.
Dr. Rach: I guess you'll learn that when you're an adult.
Jen: and so much else.

Lily: Now that I'm a brown black person...
Jen: Belt
Lily: Yeah, that's what I meant.

Jen: I was watching Life of Pi.
Anders: I thought it was pee.

Zach came over later and we watched a copious amount of Christmas movies.  In fact, it was after 2am when he was leaving the house.
Me: Oh man, I have to set my alarm to talk to Kathi at 9 tomorrow.
Zach: You should just call her now.
I did try, but she was off line.  I rallied though, and had a lovely catch up with Kathi in the morning - Skype is so cool.  I also really thought I broke my foot earlier in the week.  So much so that I ended up staying off of it all together, and went for x-rays.  Turns out, I just sprained it, but I was so worried I seriously injured myself with only 6 weeks to my trip that I was so relieved to hear that I just had to wear a boot thing again.  Okay so that wasn't a funny story, that was just real life. But not you're up to date - which is awesome right?

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