Thursday, January 14, 2016


Update 12/7 – 12/13

This might be one of my shortest updates to date.  The highlight of the week was spending an entire day lounging around watching the Gilmore Girls.  Becky had never seen the show, and Rachel had some free time so she was able to come over too.  We started off with coffee, breakfast, and mimosas, and then proceed to drink, eat and bake our way through almost an entire season of GG.  On episode 20, I finally looked over at Becky and said, “So, do you like it?”  Zach stopped by for a bit too.

Zach: are they married yet?
Me: Zach! Becky hasn't seen this before!!
Zach: well how was I supposed to know you had a friend who had never seen the Gilmore girls before? 

We ordered in several times, we had platters of every junk food imaginable, I baked 20 dozen cookies, and Becky and I wrapped around a hundred presents.  Becky wrote out Christmas cards, and it was just lovely. 

Becky:  This might be my best day ever, and I’m including my wedding in the count. 

It was a really good day.  Other than that.. I worked hard, packed up the office a bit and ordered another round of Christmas cards.  I also had breakfast and Raymond & Michelle's with guest appearances by Dawne & Jordan.  Raymond made French toast and Nicki made some yummy quiches.  Percy intimidated the much larger labradoodle, Buddy, and Zach ended up having to redo his entire company's forecast at the breakfast table.  But since I didn't have to do that, my morning was just delightful. 

Oh and here’s a funny thing that was said:
Hays: My head hurts.
June: Maybe you have too many memories.

Okay so there was a twitter post that Shana shared with us that said, “The only way to stop Donald Trump is to destroy his Horcruxes.  His wig is definitely one.  If you need me, I’ll be finding the other six.”
To which Jen replied, “I think in Trump’s case those are spelled Whorecruxes.”

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