Thursday, January 14, 2016

Last Pooh Movie

Update 12/14 - 12/20

I'm not sure if I should apologize or say "You're welcome" for these shorter updates, but it is what it is.  The week before break was pretty hectic and exhausting.  I'm sure if you just dial back to what you did that week, it was probably the same type of crazy of here.  Last minute amazon buys, getting all the work you can before people leave town, generally run around trying to see as many people as you can feeling the holiday spirit, every ounce of it.

Some highlights would be that I went to the dog park one day with Sandi and then we went for lunch at homegrown which is always fun.  And then I also went to the park with the whole crew, after which I picked up Ashley, and we tested out the present I had planned on giving to Bailey to make sure it worked.  Then Zach, Ashley and I all went to Harper's 2nd Birthday party. It was Winnie the Pooh themed.

Zach: I did see the last pooh movie though and it was terrible . Two thumbs way down.
Matty: Straight to DVD.
Zach: Except I saw it in the theater
Matty: Alone?
Me: Worst date ever?
Zach: No, my whole class went.

I mocked Zach for getting super excited about applesauce and honey sticks, because giving Zach a hard time is fun.  Then, Nicki did the same thing, and when Zach told her I mocked him, she got all defensive.  Now, I hadn't planned on mocking her, but the applesauce was just a banana short of being baby food, so I went with it.  The more defensive she got, the more entertaining it was even though I think I was more amused by a 25 year old being gleeful over squeezable applesauce and honey sticks, the 16 year old was fun too.

I did meet up with Kelly, Zach and Kelly's mom for dinner and pottery. I choose a K-cup dispenser that I simply painted googly eyes on.  Zach didn't paint anything because his wallet took a beating when we went to the dentist. 

Me: The travel agency told us specific places to go for "safe" ATM's in India.
Zach: It can't be worse than Florida.
Kelly: Did you just say Florida was more dangerous than India?
Zach: Definitely.

Zach: I have to figure out what my next birthday party theme will be.
Kelly: You don't want to buy 200 dollars worth of cake again?
Kelly's Mom: He can't afford that b/c he has cavities.
Kelly: I think I single handedly got three cavities that night based on my shopping cart.

I think that's about it, then I flew to NY which we'll cover later. :)

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