Tuesday, July 7, 2020

'Merica during the time of Covid

Update: 6/29 – 7/5

Hi Friend!

Most of my week consisted of an epic yet brief road trip. I say epic because we saw a whole bunch of really gorgeous national parks and drove over 2000 miles but brief because we did that in four days.

Dawne and Jordan and Lucas had been driving for two weeks (picking up Aunt Pat half way) so I was kind of a late comer to the party. I also slept in the back of my jeep renegade which turned out to be pretty comfortable. The first night we stayed at Antelope Island in Salt Lake and there were bison roaming. Like there was a bison 15 feet from our picnic table and then he meandered past our campground towards a site that had a hitch but not people and he circled that area checking it out. Being on an island, that site was gorgeous and provided a lovely sunrise and sunset. I don’t get to see a lot of sunrises but Percy stood guard (and I mean literally stood on me all night) looking for possible bison attacks and then we woke up finally at five and walked around watching the sunrise.

We continued on to Jackson Hole Wyoming and the Grand Tetons (it was so hard not going into all the adorable shops in Jackson Hole, but there were far too many people so we just drove around.) Then through Yellowstone National Park, stayed over in Montana and then home!

At one point the RV toilet started to overflow and Jordan ran to get the bucket that Dawne had packed and after it was all cleaned up, Dawne gets out of the bathroom and she says, “I got to be honest the best part of this whole thing was when Jordan saw the water and yelled, “Go get the mop!!” Like what mop? Who packed a mop?!”

Dawne really did think of everything though and I was telling Rachel before we left that it was weird traveling with someone who was so prepared because I’m usually the one that is over prepared and I wasn’t sure what to bring. Rachel then said “now you know how it feels.” #truestory. I still packed a lot but in reality the only thing that I brought that I didn’t use was a towel because I never showered. (Seeing as I shower every day normally, this was a big deal for me.)

We saw a sign for “school of appropriate technology” so that provided for hours of fun.

I saw a bumper sticker on a truck that was in the outline of the state of Idaho and inside where the words “fuck off we’re full” #delightful

While we were waiting for old faithful to erupt I heard a small child ask “is that a fire?”

Lucas and I blasted music for the most part during our journey although during the 12 hours I had on my own getting to Salt Lake City I listen to Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead and then proceeded to talk about that book for much of the trip. I am always so impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Lucas has for music. He’s always pointing something out or just saying “nice!” And then later when the song is done explaining how impressive a certain cord or note or whatever was in the song. Oh, also my car is so cool! I can play the music from Luke’s phone and have the map for driving from my phone at the same time!!

We did come home a day early, but that just meant I got to relax on Sunday, most of which was spent in the pool. And then I came home and washed my sleeping bag and watched Last Man Laughing - so kind of a perfect holiday weekend!

We celebrated my parents 50th Anniversary – and what better way to tell that story than with via pictures:

And the traditional July 4th party

Went to the Special Olympics in Seattle.  And then we had the traditional 4th of July Party, this year with a pool full of balls!


Cooked for party for the traditional 4th party.  And here are some random quotes from said party:

Wise words from Arda:
Fun isn't fun.
There is nothing that is fun outside of sleeping that is fun without some kind of work.
People don’t actually like music.

Are you making fun of Zach?
How did you know?
He's not laughing.

Can't wait to get home and have a real burger (at McDonold’s)  

How was the work out?
We went through the Kristi Kreme drive thru.

Okay! That’s a wrap.  😊

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