Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pants-less in Public


Update 10/12 – 10/18


Hi Friend!


I got this amazing postcard from Kathi in the mail.  Sure it looks like pictures of a hospital, but it’s actually a note from Kathi’s “COVID Vacay” which was apparently splendid.  She proceeded to describe that she was living her “best holiday life.”  2020 has really made it possible for someone to describe a c-section in a jealous inducing way!  It’s a real trip!


I wrote to AAA and asked for guidance on my trip and not only did they send me pamphlets and guides, they sent me a spiral bound book with my name on it and a zoomed in part of the map which is highlighted with my route! Magical. When I sent the picture to my mom, she said, “I know! That’s what I told you would happen.” It must be really annoying to have a daughter that is surprised when your right every time, huh?  (I wasn’t really surprised, I just didn’t know about the spiral bound book made just for me.  That part was super duper cool.) #nerdalert


On Wednesday, I headed over to Dawne’s for Fran’s birthday dinner.  Zach decorated the whole kitchen a la a 5 year old’s princess party.  It was spectacular.  And then Fran and I dressed up as princesses (though Fran look like a spectacular Beauty, and I wore Ariel’s day clothes with my “everyday tiara.”)



Lucas: Remember the Saffron debacle of 2019?

Jordan: Remember when that qualified as a debacle?


Me: Oh man, I went to eat a piece of 2019 Halloween candy and it was stale.

Rach: I didn’t know that was possible.

Me: That candy went stale or that I could still have 2019 Halloween candy?

Rach: Both!

Me: I still have Christmas and Easter candy too – but I have some time for those. 



I actually went into the office for a lil bit on Friday so I can help organize and clean the product room.  I let Percy hang with me, and he just followed me back and forth wondering why we did this instead of going to the park.  When I got home there was a ginormous box labeled “Perishable.”  My first thought was, “Did I by myself something and forget, again!?” But no!  It was a surprise delivery from my niece Morgan – 5 half gallons of Penn State Creamery Ice Cream!  (Later, my Seattle family would ask why it’s the best ice cream.  I would tell them that it’s the best because there is only like 4 days between when the milk comes from the cow to when the ice cream is made.  I could also just let them try it? But that’s ridiculous.)   I also spent three days eating only Ice Cream – and lost a pound.  Yeah, buddy! 



On Saturday, we went to another corn maze.  This one was muddy.  Like a couple 2 or 3 inches of mud (and apparently the second half of the maze the mud was up to your ankles!) My pants were long, so they touched the ground a bit.  Unless you start walking through mud, and then they drag down under your shoe a couple of inches and you have to hold the map in one hand and your pants up in the other. 


And then, when we got back to the car, I legit took my pants and shoes off in the parking lot and then drove home pants-less. 


Saturday evening I went to Becky’s for a social distance hang (sure, it’s getting colder, but that’s what Minnie Mouse blanket ponchos were made for!)  Oh and Maureen found the original “Mo-Bile” license place frame and Doreen found “Mo’s Driving Mix” so guess who’s recreating this mix into a road-trip mix!?


I don’t really remember what else happened…so here’s some funny stuff I found this week. 😊




Much Love,



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