Thursday, October 8, 2020

Ghoul Friend


Update 9/28 – 10/4


Hi there!


My big accomplishment for last week was that I installed a home security / fancy lock system where all the cameras and locks are connected to each other and my phone, and I managed to do it all by myself!  Yay!


I also decided to watch New Girl, which I had really enjoyed the first couple of seasons of and then I gave up for no particular reason, and so I picked it back up randomly at season 4 and it’s delightful!   This balances out the fact that I completely shattered my self-care plan of only watching and reading things that will make me happy when I watched the debate and my heart and soul were filled with anxiety for a full 90 minutes. 


My Knock! Knock! Plants got delivered!  Um, so incredibly cool and easy and now I look like an adult! (And yes, I equate having potted plants outside your entry way to having the façade of being adult!)


Oh man, I was on FaceTime with Sean & Stacey Friday night and, for no reason at all, I dropped my entire glass of red wine on the couch! (Stacey didn’t see what I did, but did see my face, so was not surprised when I hung up.)  I rapidly took the cover of the cushion, threw it in the wash and it came out completely - no problems. But the sheer shock of those 15 seconds!! What a doozy. 


Sean also told me that he wrote a parent recommendation for Morgan for school, and had written something to the effect of “If you order a hamburger, Morgan is the bacon and Cheese, and if you order a Sunday she’s all the really great toppings.  Basically, she makes everything better.”  And so now, Morgan’s best friend and her fam have nicknamed her “Topping.”  I mean, he’s not wrong.


I've let Percy take the donut off during the day because he's been really good, but at night, I have to put it back on.  I don't know how parents say no to kids, man.  This little dude was so sad and pathetic every time I put it on.  I powered through, but it was soooo hard!  How can you tell this little, softly whimpering face no?

At Dawne’s, they were getting their outdoor, covid safe area ready for the winter. 

Me: I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I figured I’d wait until after Christmas – maybe by then this whole pandemic will be over.

Zach: More likely a year from then, though.



We did another puzzle, and D&J got frames for them (aka we did not throw these ones right into the trash.)  Oh and Zach and Dawne got the Disney Castles all lit up and the Hogwarts train working.  So fun!


I was chatting with Rach at one point, and developed a fit of giggles trying to tell her that I placed my candle next to my fire alarm, and now realize it must not be working because it would likely be triggered if a small fire was an inch away from it.  I inaccurately said it was my vampire candle, so Rach asked me what Vampires smell like, and I replied, without skipping a beat, “Strawberries!” But actually, it was me “Ghoul Friend” candle, which also smells like berries.   The fit of giggles was mostly at my expense, of why I had a fire alarm on the dresser, why I would put a candle next to it, and also some revealing facts about some dangerous live wires, and how I had already called someone about them, and still didn’t fix the problem.  Livin’ on the edge.


I’m fairly sure that this was a quote from Dr. Rach, but also could have been me, or most people I know: Neither of us has worn pants in at least 7 months.



October 2019

So usually this week I’m in NY for NYCC.  And last year, I got to meet Belle, Ariel and Tiana.  And, I had someone draw me a picture of Beauty and the Beast to have Belle sign, AND Ariel took my phone and recorded my voicemail message, and it was one of the most exciting days ever.  I asked them to sign everything to “Princess Tiffany” and then each one was like, Oh! How old is Princess Tiffany, and then I was like, oh, I’m Princess Tiffany!


In October 2018, I drove to Chicago with my parents and we got there and then didn’t have a key to house – which is only funny b/c my mom started looking for the key like 30 min before we got there, and I started laughing and saying hahaha wouldn’t it be hilarious if we drove 14 hours and then couldn’t get into the house! My mother did not find this situation funny AT ALL.  And to be honest, neither did I when we got to the house and I realized I really needed to pee.  We ended up getting a hold of my Uncle Bill, and went over to his house to hang out before we got the key.  (This is one of those scenarios where, it’s seems fun to see people when you arrive some place, but also is miserable because you’ve been driving since 5 am and do not feel like being a joy and delight.)   Much more to this story… but I think I’ll wait for next week because I might never send this out otherwise. 😊


Much love!



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