Monday, June 29, 2009

Pack it up and Move it out.

This is a Monday email from last week.  I know I said I would keep sending them, but then life happened and this never got sent.  Maybe you could wait a day and read it later so it’s like we really do keep in touch.  If you wait another day after that, and read it again only adding Did I already tell you this? Then… it will be like you’re actually talking to me. 
I may have mentioned that we were having my parent’s 40th anniversary party last weekend.  Did I also mention I have a tendency to leave things to the last moment?  Did I also mention that I also have a tendency to make myself sick by pushing my limits? 
Oh, Briana decided to let me know about the cookie dough incident after Bails and I made 380 brookies.  I think I used mostly pilsbury though...
Let’s see if I can pull up some highlights from the party weekend, obviously from my perspective as well, because that’s what we have all gathered here today to read right?
My uncle delighted in telling people, after I mentioned what my near future plans are, that he was “still waiting to see when I would reach my full potential.”  He also mentioned, as I was taking a gulp from my red plastic cup of brew, that I would never lose weight you know, if I insisted on drinking alcohol.  Oh, and told me that it’s lonely at the top, and if I ever became successful I wouldn’t have as many friends.  I told him I guess that I’ll never truly be successful in life then will I?  My aunt imparted her own observations that I was not only flighty, but one of the least down to earth people she knows.  With all these loving comments, my confidence was at an all time high.  I think it was approximately 4:12 pm, when I realized I didn’t feel that well.  Follow that up with losing my cookies every ½ hour until around 2am.  Somewhere in the middle of this, on my trip back outside, I realized I had missed all of my sisters speech, most of my brothers, but just in time for my cousin Tommy’s very lengthy speech.  I was then encouraged to take the mic, and given all the flair that being ill gives you, I elegantly got on the “stage,” said “My turn! Give me the mic.”  Followed by the award winning speech; “I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!! THERE’S CAKE!” –yup.  I was a speech major.   But none of my rhetoric classes ever explained how to give impromptu speeches while still wiping away the tears from getting sick.  I’ll have to send Prof. Brown a note so he can go back and correct the curriculum.   I think Cindy got it on video folks so don’t worry about not being able to see the history for yourself. 
Oh, and Friday night before the party, someone asked Sean what his wedding song was, and of course he answered “What’s love got to do with it.”  And when my mom’s bff Mary Jo said “Sean! That wasn’t your wedding song!”  He replied, “I know, I know—it was Elton John’s The Bitch is Back.”  Sean went back and told Stace that he though Mary Jo might think that their marriage was on the rocks, and to correct the misconception they needed to make out in front of her.  So, it was to my great amusement, that at around 1 am, my very super blushable brother and sister in law were on the floor in the living room actually on Mary Jo’s feet making out while my uncle’s girlfriend took pictures. CLASSIC.

Hehe, I just realized I spoke at length about the party without ever mentioning my parents.  Um.  They were there too.  I think they had a good time.  J
Okay.  My mom said I need to be completely packed before she gets home... so I better getterdun. 

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