Tuesday, June 16, 2009

someecards... why have you foresaken me?

Someecards.com isn't working.  My hands are shaking with a sort of withdrawal that I previously reserved for mornings without coffee.  And I thought quitting my job had put me into a panic.  There better be a really good card to assuage my unrest when the folks get the site back up and running or else i'll... just have one more thing to whine about. 
 I wonder at what point you stop being proud of your friends.  Not like "You just won the Olympics, I'm so proud of you." but like "That's right, I have super awesome fun friends, don't you wish were as cool as I am?" maybe its when you grow up and stop caring what other people think.  I've not matured that far... so I'll continue to brag about the fact that I manage to hang on to you, and will continue to present you at parties as "My Friend" and then sit back and watch you do your magic while everyone is jealous of how totally cool I am, literally, by association. 
 Camping Trip '09! Eva and I went camping with my sister and her roommate from college in 99, 01 and 02... and then we all reunited this past weekend--with basically the same people only this time there was more rain, and less brushes with death on our way down the Delaware.  As some of you may know, I like to document trips and life into neat quote books that don't necessarily tell you where we went and what we saw, but rather what funny things people said to amuse me.  I believe it's a more interesting memory book than keeping track of mileage. museums and menus.  Wanna hear some of my favorites? 
Mo: Okay, I emptied your cup (On the ground.)
Kevin: Good thing we're in nature!
Mo: Patrick collected everyone's money and then bought the rabbits foot so now you can all share it. 
Kevin: hmm.  I want my money back.
Brett: Nothing is worse than camping in the rain.
T O'B: That's what I said before we even left for this trip.
Evivova: That's what I said when it was raining on my face last night. 
(I maaaaay have forgotten that the tent I gave Eva and Asima to use needed more water proofing before the torrential downpour.)
(On helping to pack up the muddy and wet tents)
Evivova: I don't like to get dirty.
Mo: And we LOVE it so much?
As a friendly reminder, my parents 40th Anniversary Party is on Saturday.  I expect you are all planning on attending come hell or high water (Is that seriously the phrase? b/c I don't think it makes much sense) --and I can't wait to see you!  I was under the impression that I was getting off easy on the to do lists... but now that I've waited until the last minute and actually looked at said lists... I will have some very late nights.  I've enlisted Bails to help bake... and b/c she's under the impression that she loves me or something... I think she might even be excited about working.  What a beautiful thing. 
Stacey likes to refer to my visits to her house as "putting my time in."  Is this how others view time spent with family?  B/c if it is, I think I might be really abnormal. No, that can't be right. 
In other news--I'll be in Seattle on Wednesday... so whatever side of the coast your on... be prepared for my departure and arrival with whatever people do to prepare for losing or gaining such a person as me in their life.  Janette (that's right I mentioned you AGAIN) suggested a "Coming back to town party" ... so I figured I'll just crash whatever Nate's doing for his graduation and turn the attention towards me.  Um... ditto on the anniversary party/T O'B is bouncing, yet again. 
I'm sure there will be more to come...

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