Monday, June 29, 2009

Chewy really is that tall.

Instead of moving to Seattle last Wednesday, I got the opportunity to go to Origins.  It is pure irony that I would take so much joy in making fun of Julia, my super awesome and amazing German cousin, for having to spend 6 weeks in Columbus OH, and then find myself detouring to the great city myself a month or so later.  There’s nothing like a heady dose of a geek fest to remind you that you are back in the game industry.  Truth is, if you’ve never attended one of these conventions, even I don’t think I could fully capture the experience in words, and if you have, well I’m sure you have some of your own images seared into your brain that you’ll never get out. 
Speaking of images, last night we went to “Comfest” in Columbus, an outdoor fair that I’m not sure what it is supposed to celebrate, but I did see more than my fair share of naked breasts.  Granted they were all painted… which made more sense when we passed the “Breasts are Beautiful” booth where they were doing free chest paintings. Honestly, the paint was probably more modest than some of the other outfits walking around.  And no, I didn’t take part Janette.  (J ) I think you know that I’m not even comfortable walking around in my pajamas without a bra.  I found it particularly fun that after a nice convo about tattoos we then saw a young gentleman with “LOVER BOY” in a large arching print across his chiseled abs. I can’t speak for my company, but that sure made me want to jump him.   
While I did stay covered, I still encountered some embarrassing moments.  On two occasions, I decided to tip my glass before the rim touched my lips (could this be some depth perception problem? Hand Mouth Coordination deficiency? Have I forgotten how to use a cup? How does this happen—TWICE?! ) Luckily only Derek saw this so no one else will ever know about it.
The second incident involved a tampon FLYING out of my pocket.  I don’t know how it happened, but again I think only Derek noticed, so no one else will ever know.
The third story was not my shame, but I reserve the right to share any way.  I was standing in the booth when fellow wells expeditioner whispered to me “I need you to do me a favor.  It’s really important. I’m going to turn around and walk away, and then I need you to check out my ass.”  I replied, “I already did, and Yes, you do have a ginormous hole in the back of your jeans.”
Over all, I think a removed moment with a small portion of the folks from Seattle was good for me.  Before I left Jackie and Morgan gave me cards, and when I read Jackie’s I actually started to cry (only to hear Stacey say to Jackie “Don’t you remember the family meeting we just had?  I said NO making Aunt Tiffany cry!”  Honestly I think she gave them an impossible task… but maybe I needed to remember that there is really a life that makes me happy outside of my family… even though it sure is hard to imagine when they are so freakin’ amazing.  (and Sean, that was me mentioning you if you didn’t notice.)
Beyond hearing that at least two people from DC comics are still trying to convince themselves that I am just on vacation... i also got this news:
(!!Can anyone see this card? Someecards changed their site and now embedding images is all wacky, please let me know so I can sufficently entertain you. kthxbye.)

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