Monday, August 31, 2009

all Labor Day makes Tiffany a dull girl

I know.. I have a week before Labor Day, but as my track record has proven that I can’t get Monday emails out on Monday, I thought I would get this card out early. 
The fact that summer is “over” is a lil crazy, and I definitely only got to go on the tube twice this year… and yes, I do think you should cry for me okay?
Good thing… b/c that just extends my deadline for all those things I wanted to get done before the fall. 
It’s like God was once again encouraging my procrastination… He really DOES love me! 
Speaking of love… I have been trying to walk my parents through learning how to read emails and look at facebook pictures… which means I can finally start sending them all sorts of someecards that up until now I have had to print out and pretend like they were sufficient cards like…
I got my first migraine since high school today… so I can only imagine that means I am not only falling apart I also need to stop stressing out and find my inner flow of peace and happiness.   And as Jason told me today:
And ya know what makes me the most happy?   The fact that, even though I own all of the Gilmore Girl Seasons, Jordan bought me the special boxed set so we can watch them all over again, and I can feel like a completely spoiled princess yet again… which turns out, totally helps me find my inner peace and happiness.  And right there—I also made sure that Zach and Nate, for at least a moment (and by moment I mean 7 seasons worth of gg), won’t feel homesick.   I really hope we start tonight b/c I am far too exhausted to do anything else.  After I shared prom pictures on facebook and Becky told me I looked like I gained a 100 pounds in my chest… and it was NOT the golden boobs picture, I will be on full gear work out mode from now on… so be prepared for me to be neurotic and self absorbed (yes, this IS different from the norm people.)
Oh ya—Prom—We got to spend 4 hours getting all dolled up (that’s three more than in HS), and I had more fun than both Junior and Senior Prom even though Jordan refused to let me cover myself in blood and go as Carrie (sad face). 

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