Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You must be this tall to drink this ride (NEED PICS)

Hey!  How’s it going?
Right… so we always say that… it’s the polite follow up to hi! We rarely expect anything beyond “Good, how are you?” or “okay” or I’ll even accept “Not bad.”  Often, I don’t even wait for the answer if I’m at a store as so often they just launch into asking for my coffee order and ignore that I have asked a question in response to their corporate line (though it does make me feel the slightest bit fake when people respond, and I haven’t waited b/c I’m in a rush, and then I feel like a bit of an ass…we can be good people all of the time) But there was this girl at work back in the day that I had to stop asking how she was b/c she would always say eh, terrible (2 words: awk and ward.)… but never had a real reason, she was just grumpy and needed an excuse to whine.  Speaking of which… anyone wanna ask how my weekend was?
I like it so much I think I’ll work all next weekend too.. oh hello Gen Con!  While the harsh truth has been thrust upon me that I am no longer (if ever) booth babe material, I will tell you that nothing says August like cruising Indy, pimping a new product, and acting like I’m so much cooler than all the other gamers around me b/c I think I’m not “that” kind of gamer.  Though… as Jen pointed out earlier, I think men can sniff out my convention experience no matter where I am.  And no, that is NOT a good thing.  I just hope I don’t get in trouble for those double entendre fortune cookies… I mean they are boss approved (no worries there), but certainly not mom approved.  I’ll tell you was universally not always approved is the appropriateness of the costumes…

(I totally think I used this card before, but if you were as scarred by some of those not so super heroes you would want to use this too… or maybe I just sent it to Jim when I saw his rendition of a super villain…)
Jen (2 pts for ms. Clark) has already made suggestions for this years Halloween party… by my calendar we’re already late in planning… which might be a good thing as the less we plan, the less work we will ultimately have to do… seriously, I think I cut my foot Saturday (yes, and I lose my shoes at work sometimes—Tina does too!—and see, I was working on this weekend) on a remnant of that haunted house back in ’05 so I reserve the right to have creative laziness this year—is that a theme?
Right so other than that, I went to a CD release party of Sarah’s brother’s (what do you do with the ‘ if it’s multiple brother’s who possess a band?  Sharon? Sheelin? –I know, NOW I’m asking about punctuation?) and I had the CD playing in my car all weekend and then announced to Nate that I thought that I might be in love with this guy’s voice… and he tried to tell me that you can only be in love at first sight not at first listen… insert example of unattractive singer here who isn’t elvis Costello b/c I don’t think he’s a good enough example kthnxbye
Okay real quick… All summer I have been trying to keep up with 20 year olds.  It’s exhausting.  Last Thursday was the first time I didn’t drink in three weeks… and all b/c the German’s went home, and Zach and Nate’s friend’s went home early that night.  It’s like a challenge to see if I can stay up every night… as if not staying up mean’s I’m old.. when I should point out that then they sleep in until it’s the afternoon and we have to get up in the morning… so does that mean actually that we are stronger?  That’s a much better scenario than the other one…
And luke has been making mix tapes… actual tapes… with music I would have put on mix tapes when we made mix tapes…
Seeing as I have to get up in 6 hours to fly out of here and I haven’t finished packing I’m signing off… expect next Monday’s email to be late fo. Sho.

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