Monday, August 3, 2009



I forgot what I told you, I imagine not much b/c last week’s email was of the lame variety—so the headliner of this is “I thought I was too cool for twitter, but it turns out I’m not.”  I was going to say that all of my 7 followers are probably on this email—but the truth is, I don’t think any of them are.  I don’t know WHO they are, or where they came from, and they have these weird code names so now “KentuckyChrome” and “Dino_Sr” are following me… which is creepy right? Unless of course they’re super hot, and then maybe it’s just super. 


My mom called me to tell her how to set her cell phone alarm clock today.  Now, I had at one time walked her through it, explaining how incredibly SIMPLE it all was if she only followed the directions I gave her.  Today, however, after 10 minutes of trying to remember how her particular phone worked, and failing I now have MY phone set for 1:00 am to call and wake her up. 


D&J took me to this swanky party on Friday night for the express purpose of finding me a rich husband.  I appreciate the effort—but I think the only rich, heterosexual I came in contact with was Tom Skerritt—who was terrif in Picket Fences, I grant you, but isn’t quite a viable option.  I did stay on the mechanical surf board though longer than most—so that’s something. 


Then I had 7 hours of awesomesauce at the Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, Miranda Lambert & Lady Antebella concert with Diana, Jason and Nater—followed by an early morning jaunt to the ice caves.  Had I been awake enough to think of a camera maybe I would have something to show you… so… here I stole this from the internets.
Maybe Derek or Matty or Dawne can prove to you I was there with their own documentation of history.   Derek filmed some particularly hideous video’s with Zach’s phone so that’s something to look forward to.

See those pancakes?  Well they look EXACTLY like the very first pancakes that one of the German’s experienced this morning at Monday Morning Breakfast at IHOP.  And she agreed that they were all they were hyped up to be.  I’m a lil jealous of her first, and sad that she had to wait so long to experience the wonder that is the buttermilk pancake, and that we didn’t deliver it in the form of mickey mouse.  

Right so that fills you in on the past three days… think of all the wonder that I will have for you when I give myself a whole 7 days to fill you in. 

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