Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kama Sutra Karma

Lucas told me that he went over to the new neighbors’ house the other day and he was helping unpack the books and put them on the shelves.  He reached into one of the boxes and pulled out a handy Kama Sutra guide book and quickly tried to put it on the shelf.  The book would not stay where he put it and kept falling down to which his new friend said “I guess it’s just trying to find the right position.”
When I was in college Julie got me a handy Kama Sutra book with all sorts of personalized notes throughout.  I had forgotten about the book until I saw that it was on the book shelves downstairs with all of my text books… the book shelves my father had populated.  If I had a dollar for every time Julie got me in trouble with her very hilarious presents…. I would have at least a lincoln’s worth. 
Let’s talk about Day Dates… and how they should never be first or second dates.  First, they generally don’t have alcohol, and second, I don’t know when they are supposed to end.  Then let’s talk about how I have a variation of a day date today, at 5:30, for coffee.    With a person I don’t know anything about, but he already knows that I’m crazy and neurotic (story too long to share here).   When he emailed me to say that we should maybe get to know a lil bit about each other what do you like to do for fun?  I, ignoring my mother’s advice that I should be nice said, “Oh! And I so wanted it to be weird and awkward next week.” He then responded with… “Don’t worry.  I can still make it awkward.  I can make it awkward (left eyebrow raised) allllllllllll coffee long.”  And now I have something to tell you about next week after I send him this beauty:
I watched Obama’s speech to the kiddies live on Facebook today.  Doing it that way you could post comments to people via status… so I shamelessly wrote ARCANE LEGIONS! And then Did Obama say  that Arcane Legions is being taught as a new subject in school?  And Whoa! Obama said if you play Arcane Legions you could become a doctor, lawyer, police officer, architect, professional fantasy football player, gynecologist, engineer, IT support specialist, mayor, senator, supreme court justice, and maybe even president.  That’s right…. I’m THAT guy.  Oh and here:
Hey!  Speaking of shameless promotion, in case you didn’t get a chance to google me today, here’s a terrible picture of me in a really cool magazine site:  Did I mention I worked all weekend at PAX and I got was this lousy picture? J

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