Monday, August 24, 2009

Makin' up for messin' up

Word on the street—and by street I mean compound b/c I so rarely actually leave to use a real street—is I better not miss two weeks in a row… so here it is in all its mediocre glory!
I kept telling myself as soon as the boys left I was going to get my act together.  This includes, but is not limited to (yes this is going to be a Bridget Jones List):
Take a Spanish Class (b/c have forgotten the 7 years of Spanish and now only remember commands that my  father and sister use and the phrase cuanto cuesta el sombrero?)
Join indoor soccer and/or volleyball team.
Find personal trainer (ideally a really hot one that also understands my sarcastic commentary to all of the hateful things I am forced to do.)
Get out of compound at least once a day (which is harder than you think.)
Make travel plans… Oktoberfest/Amsterdam, NY, Mardi Gras, Disney and Chicago are all on the list.
Go to more concerts (b/c  I heart live music.)
Do something about the fact that have been paying for XM radio for the last 4 years and have not had XM radio hooked up since I got the Saab.  Really need to put this on the top of the list, but too can’t be bothered to add additional cutting and pasting.
That’s a good start… right?  I did have unpack my boxes from NY, Clean my room, get new bedding… but I accomplished all of that this weekend… so I’m already sprinting into the new me—even though I haven’t quite worked up to the whole sprinting part of the plan.
Prom.   Shana, Cathy and Jen (HBBG!)are throwing a prom for their 30th birthday party.  I know that I love theme parties (check), dressing up (check), dancing (double check) and having fun (check.)  But I hated the whole concept of prom.  I hated it ten years ago, and while I don’t hate it now, I can’t get excited about it this weekend.  I looked all weekend at thrift stores with Luke—(he found an 8 track player and recorder, but no 8 tracks—sad face)—but was a complete failure at finding a super awesome dress to get excited about—and my “era” dress… has yet to become an era.  I know, it wasn’t yesterday, but I also saw my cousins in their prom dresses this past spring and they looked exactly like the ones we wore—so now I can add beauty=boring to my list of things that stress me out about theme parties. 
In other news, I just encouraged Rollie to eat 2 week old dirt cake (pudding/oreo combo), and then he said “That pudding made me drowsy—is that the first sign of food poisoning?”
Speaking of Rollie—we over used some, well to call them catch phrases would be pushing it, lines to the point where most people would be tired of them… but you know how I like to run things into the ground… and keep going… until they are funny again… “where problem?”
First: when hear something funny, or say something witty, you follow it up with a hand motion in the air like you are reaching out to grasp something and you say “Gottem.”  The more alcohol, the more likely this will turn into a double handed “gottem” action… not that I know from firsthand experience. 
The second is “You are fuckin’ up.”  Rollie like to put an emphasis on the UP… I like to laugh a lil before hand, slight emphasis on you and quickly roll it out… but still so awesome.  I tried to start saying “You are messin’ up” but isn’t quite the same. 
Funny story associated with this (hmm maybe I shouldn’t say funny b/c now your expectations have been raised and I’ll never be able to live up to it… but again to go back and delete is too much for me.)  I had to tell this guy who I started calling “Sailor Derek” b/c he cursed while playing Arcane Legions at Origins and then we got bad press so I had to ask Shana to tell him he couldn’t help us in the booth at Gen Con b/c he has a potty mouth.  So he shows up at Gen Con and we joke around about it, and he seems cool.  Then later as I was telling a story to Dawne, I said “That is so fucked up” and I hear Sailor Derek behind me saying “Watch your language…”   Gottem’.   Then he came after the show to help tear down the booth… and he cursed once… and we all could not stop saying “You are fuckin’ up!” over and over and OVER.  TWIST!
Ironically, I got an ear infection (like a 2 year old) and hurt my back (like an old woman) in one week… You could say I’m falling apart, but I haven’t gotten full hear back in my right ear so I probably wouldn’t hear you. 
Okay—hope that more than made up for missing last week…. Catch ya on the flip side…

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