Monday, November 16, 2009

Plan into Action

Tina gives us Soccer Updates everyday to let us know how Kara rocked the day before—until last Wednesday when disaster struck.  Kara, the striker, who had taken her team to regional’s, who was the lead in every sports article and who has never missed a penalty kick… missed.  That story is not funny.  It’s very sad, but I had to tell it order to tell this story… that I do think is very funny.  Kara received this text from a boy on Friday:


Reminds me of that time on Saturday when Shana found out a guy who she was convinced was gay, was not, and immediately came up with a brilliant course of action.  I should detail it for you so that you understand it fully and can try it out next time you are interested in someone.  Shana: “Right.  I’m going to go pull his hair.  That’s my plan.”   Happy Belated “Dirty 30” to Shana Deuex… and if you skip to the 4th image you’ll see how much we enjoyed celebrating with you:


Last Wednesday, I went to a dance studio for an open house with Rach, Shana, Mangotti and two of Shana’s friends.  Rach and I signed up for lessons… and then our instructor was talking to Laina (who has been taking lessons for a while) and he said he felt really bad b/c during the open house he had told Patrick and Jaime to pair up with Rach and I --not even realizing that we were all gay.  Long story short, Rach and I have to call and make sure we have separate lessons so that one of us doesn’t have to learn the lead.  


I have been calling Maureen for help with Math HW.  This is what I have learned from trying to help Lucas.  One, despite my aversion to Math, I can do hella problems in my head.   Two, if I can’t do it in my head, I think I’m wrong (b/c shouldn’t it be an even #?! Why would you make a problem that didn’t work out evenly?  This isn’t real life!) so then I call Maureen to ask what I’m doing wrong only to find out that I can actually do an 8th graders homework… which is doubly cool b/c I think I skipped 8th grade Math… Thanks Mr. Rapelje!


While it may be a lil late… I am not one to ignore a good someecard opportunity.  And for my associated story, if I were to have a “Where were you when” moment… I was in my grand-parents living room when my parents explained to me everything about the Berlin Wall and all of its associated political history.  I was completely fascinated… but I also think I had a lil kid impression of what the wall was… which was completely shattered when I watched the wall come down on TV… and even more so later, when I got a commemorative piece of it… so without further ado:


In other missed opportunities… I had the pleasure of working on Veteran’s day so I could lay about all day in gratitude to all of our fine vets… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an irreverent card to add to the mix:


This week is pretty thin on activities (possibly because I spent at least 24 hours being a Debbie Downer until finally I cried for two hours straight and got some of my Polly Positive back.)  So even though I haven’t spoken to you about future things since I made resolutions a while back and then didn’t do any of them, I’ll break my own protocol in order give you a satisfying Monday Email experience.  After much prodding, I got into gear.  In addition to starting dance lessons & entering a trampoline dodge ball tournament, I am also signing up for Flag Football (no, I have no idea how to play) with Shana, and volleyball (possibly by myself, but then if I quit I still have some other activity to fall back on—I like to plan even my quitting ahead of time) and I signed up for speed dating (10 dates, one outfit? I’m IN!).  My sister said she saw something on TV about speed dating and how there are some really crazy people, and some terribly boring people and then some cool people and then asked “Who are you going to be?”  Good Question!  Janette said we would go more than once, so maybe we can try all three!!  Sean asked if I was going to practice before hand… I was like “Practice what? Not being sarcastic for 7 minutes?  You know I can’t do that.”


Since I haven’t received a home video of my nieces and nephews getting their groove on, I will instead share with you a legend before his time:

And on that brilliant note… I bid you adieu! 

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