Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Eye Friday

I think every Thanksgiving in which I make it through the whole day without crying is a raging success.  With that measurement tool—I had a GREAT Turkey day.  There were 40 people at our house for Thanksgiving and I knew at least 60% of them.  For example in this picture: 


I only know 2 people.  In fact one of the women in this picture gave me a lecture about what a Manger was during our “Craft Time” Nativity making project b/c I accidently used Manger and Nativity synonymously.   You knew what I was talking about buddy!   I bet you would like to see some of the results of that creativity wouldn’t you?


 I wonder which one is my team’s.  Maybe it’s the one with the black sheep, drummer boy, mosaic star of David, blue octopus and three Weisman. J Maybe.  

Oooh!  Paisley made these sweeeeet cupcakes… and I’m only going to show you mine b/c it’s the only one I bothered to take a picture of. 


Luckily I did b/c about 20 minutes later Zach used that candle in the background to light my flag on fire. 
Speaking of baked goods… I’m going to write a book.  It’s going to be called I Apply Heat Well: The Art of Baking Without Actually Baking.  I made a new dessert on Thursday, three pies which were completely devoured in a heartbeat.  I realize this is going to be a very small book with lots of pictures, but I think every page will end with “If it starts looking brown, then you’ve cooked it too long and you should just throw it out.”  Look for it on shelves at a bookstore near you! You’ll know it by its clever cover: 


In case you were wondering, I failed to complete my task of finishing all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  I blame this partially on my sister buying my nephews what I was going to get them, and partially on the fact that buying stocking stuffers online is such a bad idea that I forced myself to actually go shopping.  Dawne wanted to hit up the 4 am Black Friday sales after I said “I did that once and I’ll never do it again.”  We successfully got out of it this year b/c we didn’t plan in advance… but I’m pretty sure I’ll be risking my life at a retail shop near you next year.  Something to look forward to. 


We caught the Fabulous Mr. Fox last night… is it possible that George Clooney is even cooler as a fox?  I think I need to re-read all of the Roald Dahl books b/c he is the awesome.  We also started Ally McBeal, and watched Prince & Me and Prince & Me 2 again.  I emphasize again b/c the second Prince & Me was such an insult to anyone who had watched Prince and Me that I cannot believe we had forgotten our outrage and watched it a second time.   Basically all I can really say is that we really entertained Zach and Nate on their trip home!


We also watched the SNL Holiday Special DVD  while putting up the tree this year.  Nothing says Happy Holiday’s like Alec Baldwin’s Schweddy Balls: 

And on that delicious note… I hope you all have a super awesome week!

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