Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes, I still have laundry in the drier.

40th Anniversary of Sesame Street
I find it ironic that this was the image I saw when I looked up when the second season of True Blood was coming out. 
Do you know what happens when you make your only goal for the entire weekend to do your laundry?  That’s right… you end up watching season one of True Blood…. And love every minute of it.  NOT a mom friendly show (not just my mom, though my mom was scared of Buffy the Vampire Slayer—the one with Luke Perry and Donald Sutherland) but for any mom who isn’t a fan of lots of blood and sex, and not necessarily separately.  Again, Sorry Janette for blowing off Karaoke... but I can’t say I didn’t put the time to good use.  Oddly enough, my boss at DC told me I would love True Blood… and I was like sure sure… and then never did.  Why do I insist on learning things the hard way? 
I assume they are talking about Sesame Street in that card… b/c otherwise I won’t be able to get bBack to the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street for a minute.   I mentioned that everything I learned, I learned from Sesame Street and the Muppets yesterday in conjunction with explaining that mice love lots of other mice.  I mean Rizzo the Rat had thousands of brothers and sisters, and he seemed to be totally cool with that.  I said this to reassure Dawne after Pudgy tried to smother Bom yesterday.   Let’s go back… way back, to when I had that mouse loose in my room for three weeks and couldn’t sleep… yes, we like to call her Pudgy.  And she’s grown on me… pretty cute (when she is in a cage) and I like how she has lil hands with lil digits.  Just as I was getting to like Pudgy, Lucas decides he needs another mouse.  A White Devil Eyes Mouse which I can’t support.  She’s a baby—but I’m calling her Bom for “Abominable Snowman” and b/c Dawne can’t remember why I want to call her Bom… and often forgets Pudgy’s name… I think I can get it to stick. 
I felt car sick yesterday (see I got out of the house), which is basically a first.  Now I feel bad about mocking Eva for so many years.  Not terribly bad b/c mockery is the basis of any of my really good relationships, but still, it sure is an icky feeling.  I hope it’s not going to turn into a regular thing.  Which brings me to, what is up with getting older?  I was expecting the normal getting older stuff, but this whole mysterious allergies and other weaknesses thing just popping up in the last couple of years is so messed up.  Is it just me?  Or are you all having this happen to you and I just didn’t get the memo? 
While I may be growing new allergies, it turns out I am NOT allergic to trampolines.  In fact I found this new “Sky High Sports” gym that is totally all trampolines and a foam pit.  So awesome.  Now I just need 5 friends to agree to enter a Trampoline Dodge ball tournament on Dec 7th.  And by convince, I mean send me a note with your willingness to bounce and compete in response to this email. Kthxbye.
Lucas was trying to define Hipster to me.  He said they wear skinny jeans, listen to music no one’s heard of, and drink lots of PBR. ( ) As I joined Janette at the SoDo Showbox for Ghostland Observatory, and saw handfuls and handfuls of PBR Cans… I can now say he was right.  Janette also told me the guy in the band sometimes comes out in a cape and danced around ...only it was real loud… and I thought she said Cake… so I was disappointed with the red flowing fabric down his back when it wasn’t frosting.  Otherwise, the laser light show was cool. I didn’t have a seizure from the strobe lights.  And I know at least one chick in Seattle thinks I’m super hot.   (I’ll take ego boosts wherever I can get them.)  Pretty much a successful night.  Oh! And there were these two chicks with matching sequin butterfly shirts that were crazy dancing… and this guy came to dance with them while they were dancing low to the ground with his crotch in their face, until butterfly one  said “I am going to hit your penis very, very, very soon” and b/c he didn’t step away  he got knocked in the crotch by her elbow.  She did warn him.
I was surprised I was able to stay got out at all after waking up at 6 am to make it to a City Year breakfast.  I dressed up, wore heels, and promised Jordan I wasn’t going on an interview.  (He didn’t believe me.) It was lovely, but made me feel a lil bad about not doing anything at all for the community.  Not bad enough to do anything about it, but still.
I am going to steal some of Maureen’s awesome stories b/c she has so many I don’t think she’ll mind.  Today we’ll feature my Godson Kevin. 
(Maureen has received a phone call from Kevin’s teacher earlier that day.)
Mo:  Kevin, how was your day?
Kevin: It was great! Had a good day. 
Mo: Ya? Nothing happened?  Did any of the kids touch you?
Kevin: Sure Mom, we played tag at recess.
Mo: What about in class?
Kevin: Oh ya.  One kid put his hands around my neck and squeezed.
Mo: Are you okay?
Kevin: Yep, I’m okay. I’m good.
Mo: What happened did you say anything to him? Have fight?
Kevin: I don’t know. Nothing happened. Sometimes he just makes bad decisions Mom. 

(Maureen and the Boys are at the table doing homework, Kyle is 4, Kevin is 5 going on 6)
Kevin:  Hey Mom, what do you think about this drawing Kyle did?
Mo: I think it’s nice.  I like what he’s done with the feathers.
Kevin:  Kyle?  What do you think about your drawing?
Kyle:  I think it’s pretty good.  I worked hard on it.  I like it.
Kevin: Really?  B/c it looks like a bunch of squiggles to me.  You’ve got a purple face with a bunch of squiggles. 

(Mo tells me Kyle must have taken the constructive criticism well b/c the next day his turkey had a red face, brown body, and far less “squiggles.”)

I put that Yankee T-Shirt Scott McD got me when I was leaving NY this week also… and since everyone already know how I ignored my ignorance of sports and claimed and flaunted a winning team that I had not watched a single minute of all season…I’ll skip that story and just share some great someecards: 
I don’t know who this jimmy guy is but…
And even though Lisa McD already got from her husband I’m going to send it out b/c that way I don’t have to try and spell that other teams name again. 

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