Friday, December 3, 2010

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Grammar Slam

10.  You are not my dad. 

9.  You make mistakes too.  These mistakes may or may not be grammatical, but they will happen, and I can only hope someone makes you feel small for no good reason so you can see how it feels. 

8.  Saying that you cannot associate with someone who does not proof-read proves that your priorities of what is important in a friend does not match up with mine or that of a sane person. 

7.  Unless you are correcting my paper, resume, letter of significant importance, or are my editor in some way, it is not your job.

6.   You have just wasted the time I saved when I decided to hit send without proof-reading.  

5.   My mistake was not made out of ignorance; therefore, pointing out said error has not taught me anything I didn’t know already. 

4.   While you may feel superior now, I think you are an ass. 

3.  You are not smarter than anyone; you just have more time on your hands.

2.   You make people wish they never wrote to you in the first place.  Congratulations, now you have even more time on your hands.

1.  You knew what I meant.


  1. "Proofread" is one word, sweetie.

  2. I believe that while "proofread" is the most common spelling of the word, the hyphenated compound noun that I used is also correct. However, way to comb through my diatribe in order to emphasize my point, Jerk-face. :)

  3. (I had to delete and repost with a smiley face so you knew that I still loved you.)

  4. umm, in #8 "do not match up" <3 :)

  5. Kristy Kreme: Agreed. We do not match up.