Monday, May 9, 2011

To Shower, or not.

I have more to say.

First, here is a video of the bicycling polo players so you can fully grasp the situation in case my mere words were not enough.

Secondly, and more importantly, I forgot this gem of a story about Dr. Rach.

Me (Text): How old were you the summer you didn’t shower? And did you change outfits?
Jeff, looking slightly appalled: It’s a text from Tiffany-you better answer it.
Rach (Text): Hmm, I think I was 17 or 18.  And yes I changed outfits.  But let’s not confuse this with the time I wore the same outfit for 4 months straight.  That was 17, senior year of high school and that time I did shower and wash my clothes. 
Me (Text): So awesome.
Rach (Text): Thanks.  I’ve made some really good choices in my life. 

Rach In the car today:
I tried to justify (not that I need to justify anything b/c I am proud of what I did) but explain the situation.  First, I was saving on water and other supplies. Secondly, I was working 80 hours a week so I was getting up early, spending all day outside at the pool (and in the pool), then going to a dirty restaurant until 2 am.  My mother wouldn’t even let me into the house until a stripped off all of my Mexican food smelling clothing out in the garage.  And then I was so sleepy I just went to sleep, rolled out of bed and went back to the pool.   And what is most special about this story is that even with these two incidents I still have a friend who I call “Gross Katie” b/c she done worse.

In other, not-showering news, Becky reminded me that when she was doing that 20/20 Lifestyles program while she was unemployed, would get up, work out for a couple hours, then come home, eat, go to work out again.  She would then get up and figure “why bother to shower when I’m just going to work out again?” until at one point she looked down and she had formed a rash around her belly button and thought she better take the plunge and shower.  Today, when recapping the events, Becky told me “Now I know I have a sweaty belly button and just need to soak up the extra sweat with a Kleenex after I work out. “

This has nothing to do with anything--but every time I see it I giggle: 

And lastly, I saw Jen post this quote from her 5 year old today:
Lily on dinosaur fossils: "So could we go look for them or have they all been found?"

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