Monday, August 1, 2011


In the grand scheme of things I feel like my memory is fairly good until Monday morning hits and I have to remember 7 days’ worth of activities.  Tuesday morning started out pretty rough (but you know what? I just realized I don’t have to share ALL of my shame with you—thanks backspace!)
In response to my suggestion that we change all of the kitchen chairs to large bouncy balls:
Dawne: If you keep having these brilliant ideas you’re going to have to move out of the house.  You’re making Jordan feel bad. 

Me: Have you heard from Lucas?
D&J: No, why?
Me: because he posted on fb this morning, “I changed my mind. BMX is Rad.”
Jordan: He’s in Turkey for a week, and THAT’S what he writes?  At least we know it wasn’t an imposter because he said “Rad” instead of “cool.” I just hope he didn’t do that from his phone. 

A while back, Zach told me that before the 20th Century, boy babies were put into pink clothes and girl babies were put into blue clothes.  I told my sister, Maureen and she said something akin to “That’s ridiculous.  Just because Zach tells you something, doesn’t mean it’s true.”  Well Maureen, Zach and I have been watching a show lately called “QI” and would like to share a particularly pertinent episode with you.

After an in depth conversation between Zach and Nate over American’s having too much living space on average, Zach is spending this week (while his brother is in Chicago and Indy) switching rooms so that Zach can spend the last week before he goes back to FL in a room that is three times the size has his current bedroom. 

I’m getting excited for my trip to Disney/Universal with my brother and his fam—I looooove Christmas presents that involve fun in the sun, O’Brien’s & HP.
Me: I think Sean and Stacey like to make time in the middle of the day to go to the pool when they are down at Disney.
Jordan: We always made sure our kids had pool time too.  45 minutes before the park opened—if they didn’t want to get up that was their problem.

Another brilliant entry in our new favorite blog: (I don’t know why Jamie read this in my voice :P)

Me via Microsoft IM to Becky’s husband Jared: A hug is a strangle that hasn’t finished yet.
Jared to Becky: Now I’m getting it from two fronts.
Becky: Too bad you can’t block her at work.  

Truth is: I think maybe that’s why I don’t like long hugs.  FINALLY someone else feels the same way (even if it is a creepy monkey.)

Thursday evening we had a ladies night to enjoy the pool & boat over high tea (and wine, obvi.) Becky and I got cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, (all right Becky actually picked them up.)
Becky: Weirdest thing.  A baker’s dozen at Cupcake Royale is actually ELEVEN cupcakes. 

(If anyone gets a chance to talk to Dr. Rach, you HAVE to ask her about her patient with the Achilles Heel.  It’s HILARIOUS, I’m just not at liberty to tell it here.)

On Saturday it was GORGEOUS out.
Dawne (at 10:30 am): Okay! This is the plan! We’re going to take a road trip to Anacortes and then take the ferry to Friday Harbor!
Me: I thought the rule was: When it’s nice out, We. Don’t. Leave. The. House.?
Dawne: We can do fun sun things  tomorrow! This is going to be great!
Aunt Pat: I wanna go!
Uncle Ray: The 10 minutes you’ve been sitting here is the longest you’ve been sitting since you  broke your back and now you want to go on an 8 hour road trip?
Me: We don’t even want to go on the road trip.
Aunt Pat: You could just stay home.
Me: Aunt Pat! It’s like you don’t know me at all! You know I can’t miss out on whatever everyone else is doing!

Just like Dawne wanted, we caravanned the convertibles, (we had Nala while D&J had Casper who had both paws out the back for a good portion of the trip and I was just waiting for him to realize that we were behind him and try to jump out.) 
Me: How long does it take to get to Anacortes?
Zach: I’m pretty sure it takes 3 hours.

After about an hour and a ½ into the trip, we stopped and decided to change course and hit up a nearby “island” instead, followed by a trip to the outlet malls.

Me: Is this really an island?  I don’t remember going over a bridge.
Zach: Maybe it’s a spong.

--A Brief time travel to one of my early years in Seattle when we had a streak of playing Balderdash.  The word was spong (An irregular, narrow, projecting part of land.)  Zach wrote down, “When someone says something particularly stupid, it is appropriate to yell, “Spong!!” and a new tradition was born.---

We saw dead vampires ALL over the beach.  Don’t believe me?

We also saw a Dr. Seuss tree right before we stopped for lunch outside.

By the time we got home, I was totally exhausted (thank goodness we didn’t make the whole trip) and consequently missed the two parties that I had had every intension of going to that evening.  Happy Birthday Wade and Elizabeth! (That makes up for it right?)

Jamie and Harry Potter share the same birthday, so in honor of his birthday there was a brunch celebration at Bastille in Ballard followed by a viewing of Harry Potter for their birthdays. Nice work, J-Bray. (Also, Shana noted that MAngotti’s memoirs should be called “Touched by Crazy Strangers.”  Better you than me, Buddy.)

I also sent my nephew a Harry Potter Snuggie for his birthday, and he put it on, in 90 degree weather and went outside in it saying, “I think it might be a little big.” To which his mother explained, “Patrick.  It’s a blanket.”

We went to a barbeque last night in which it was painfully obvious that our family is extremely shy when Dawne was begging to wash dishes (including fully washing things that were going into the recycling), Jordan took over the grill, and I spent a huge chunk of time “helping” Ally make peach lemonade by mocking and being a taste tester – all so we didn’t have to mingle with strangers.  The lemonade was delicious though. 

Zach: I can’t wait to tell Grandpa about these two guys complaining about how many aggressive drivers there are in the North West.
(This might only be funny to transplants in Seattle that know how much my uncle likes to complain about how un-aggressive drivers are in Seattle – but to the 4 of you getting it, it was worth the typing time.)

Zach: I just realized that I don’t know how to fold a long sleeved T-Shirt.  I just tried to fold one of Nate’s.  Nope.  Can’t do it.
Dawne: Then I guess it’s a good thing you stick with a T-Shirt only wardrobe. 

(I told this story to a co-worker today, and she did not find it humorous at all.  :( Story. Fail. Hope you like me more than she does.) 

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