Monday, November 7, 2011

That iPhone's no Razor

Big news on the compound: Jordan broke down and got an iPhone.  I never thought he’d actually cave.  I told Rach on Friday that my new tactic for when people get excited about their iPhone’s is to respond, “That’s iPhone sure is nice, but it’s no Razor.”  Bound to be a friend maker. 

I was cuddled in a snuggie, on a magical Alice in Wonderland like chair, next to a grand piano and beauty and the beast ballroom walls reading a book called “Castles” when I looked up and saw glitter covering the floor.
Me: It looks like Fairy died in here.
Lucas: That’s because someone didn’t believe. 
Dawne: I like it. 

I’ve taken to locking myself into the house.  I also have tried teaching the dogs the command “Chill.”  Which means that last night, the dogs started barking, I said, “Chill” and then I proceeded to lock myself in because frankly they have been hearing, and just because I think they should chill, doesn’t mean that I am going to.  If they could respond to “Puffy Cheeks, Chill” my life will be one more step closer to being complete.

Luke’s friend Arda came over after school last week, went downstairs, and stepped into dog accident – then proceeded to trek feces through several rooms.  I wasn’t feeling terribly sympathetic, so I told them that they had to deal with cleaning up the mess.  5 minutes later I could hear Arda yelling outside “MY DAD IS NEVER GOING TO LET ME INTO THE CAR!!” along with other equally as amusing exclamations. 

Got an IM last week from Rollie.               

Rollie: so i just found a crownie that i had squirreled away when you last brought them and i ate it not sure yet if this was a mistake
Tiffany I sure hope it wasn't. I don't like to bake mistakes. 
Rollie nice too bad we don’t have a quote board anymore
Tiffany I have a blog that is a living, breathing quote board for the world to read
tummy hurting
possibly bc i down 2 of them in a row
had cocoa krispies for lunch too
guessing that didn’t help the sugar level either
little dizzy bro
hella chocolate in the system

For the record, it’s “Brookies.” Also, I’m not sure if Rollie survived.  I guess a good friend would check before posting this, so she doesn’t look like an ass.  Whoops.

Also at work, I was talking to the voice actor who does “343 Guilty Spark” in the video game, when he interrupted the conversation to tell me he had to call me back because Master Chief (another character) was calling him.   True Story.   There is a partner that I work with who often says that she has to “Check with Headquarters” which shouldn’t be funny, because she actually IS checking with people in the headquarter offices, but for some reason, it always makes me giggle.  I told my boss, that I am now going to start calling a group of people in our company, “Headquarters.”  I’m starting off slow.  Naturally, I’m saying it CONSTANTLY, but to Headquarters, I’m sneaking the reference in.  “HQ” is phase one, I’m thinking phase 4 will be having other people call them Headquarters until it’s a thing.  This is what gets me through the day, just let me have it. 

As if you needed any additional reasons to love and miss Mr. Rogers, Zach gave me 15 more:

My inability to say no to "wanna work out with me?" foiled me yet again last week. Normally, not a problem, but seeing as I was at work trying to evaluate how I was going to work out without workout clothes, it was a little trickier.  I’m more of a meet you at the Pro Club for dinner after you finished working out kind of girl, TBPH. 

We haven’t thrown out the cake from the Halloween party yet.  I think we’re going for a Miss. Havasham-esque situation like this cake Jen shared last week of the world’s oldest cake:

My sister had a parent teacher conference last week, and after a discussion, actually said, “Listen, this is our Guess and Check kid.” 

Luke baby sat on Saturday, and before he got out of the car I yelled, “Don’t be a disappointment!” I like to help when I can. 

I went to a charity event at Bungie on Saturday night, and through no fault of their own, the turnout was pretty lame.  Which is a shame, because my hair looked fabulous.  In order to prove how fab, I took a picture of myself next to a piano – if only I was naked in front of a mirror, this would be a perfect facebook pic. 

Dawne said I’d only be able to wear that headband in Vegas.  I like to prove her wrong by wearing it with my sweats on random Tuesday’s.

Have a great week guys!

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