Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Kind of Ride Is This?

Update 5/13 – 5/19 – I know, but life happened. 

As you know, my dog loves water, and even more when he can redistribute it onto the hardwood floors.  I tried to put down a new mat for when Percy boy splashes in his water bowl... but he seemed to believe that it was a new toy.

And the Jay taught me that I don’t know to video things.  Sorry Jay. 

So last week Lucas and I watched The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mulan and Pocahontas.  At the a point in Pocahantas in which John Smith invites her to take his a hand and follow him Lucas yells out, "Careful.  You're gonna get raped!"  *SPOILER ALERT* Then, at the end, when John looks like he's on deaths door and Pocahontas waves good bye to him Lucas commented, "I bet that ending was popular with the wee ones."

We brought Percy and Nala to be groomed on Wednesday. 
Groomer: I put a bow in his hair because, well you know...
Me: because he's a girl?!
I guess Lucas is right, all Yorkies are girls.

On Thursday evening, we went to iPic for Becktoria's birthday to see the MIDNIGHT showing of Star Trek because we just adore Becky.  I didn't not adore her AS much when I had to get up after only 3 hours of sleep of course...

Me: I let Percy out this morning and he chased down the pool guy and wouldn't stop barking.
Lucas: If he was a girl, his name would be behavin'.

On Friday, Becky, Jared, Kelly, Lucas, Zach, Dawne and I all went to DISNEYLAND!   Zach had told me that he wanted to do ab workouts in the morning so that every step he took during the day would increase his workout throughout the day.  Since I'm such a natural giver, I told Zach that I would help him out by "letting" him run to get our fast passes.  In fact, I would go one step further, and throw our tickets on the ground so that he had to bend down to pick them up - gotta work those abs!  

Also, in preparation for Disney, Lucas and I printed out maps of both parks so that we could careful plan our strategy in order see both parks in 48 hours.  At one point, Kelly referred to me as the “Disney Nazi” to which Lucas said, “You know, Walt Disney was an anti-Semite, so technically he was the original “Disney Nazi.” Something I didn’t need to know.  By the way, this is where we went for breakfast:

While Becky and Jared made a beeline for bed, the rest of us headed toward Downtown Disney for dinner.  We saw a sign that had “Disney” and “Downtown Disney” with changeable arrows. 
Lucas: Do you think they ever change the direction in which downtown Disney is? Or is it like the labyrinth where it is designed to be a “gotchya!”?  The only thing missing is David Bowies moose knuckle but that isn’t a necessary plot element.

Due to our good planning and our personal Speedy Gonzales, we were able to go on 9 rides and lunch all before 12:30.  One of these rides was Splash Mountain.  Lucas was concerned about getting his shoes wet so I suggested that he sit up front, turns out that was poor advice because he was the most soaked of all of us. (Lucas: I didn’t even want to go on this ride.) Whoopsidaisy.  When we were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride…

Kelly: Do you think those are real bones?
Me: I don’t think so, they look plastic.
Kelly: I wonder why they don’t.  People die all the time.

After hitting up the last of the major rides, we headed over to the California Adventures.  We got through the Cars line in 30 min, and got right on California Soaring with the Fast Passes that Zach acquired.  Lucas: These pictures are all of planes!  They should change the sign from Legends of Flight to Legends of Falling because that's what we're going to do in this ride.

We were going to go on the Tower of Terror, but the line was too long, so we ran over to California Screamin’ where the wait was only ten minutes.  Before we got on the ride…

Kelly: What kind of ride is this?
Puzzled since we were standing next to the roller coaster of epic proportions, Me: A roller coaster.
When we got off the ride, Kelly: I didn't know it was THAT roller coaster.  I’m terrified of roller coasters.

We brought it down a notch after that with the Little Mermaid ride, followed by the Aladdin show.  When we were walking out of the show, Lucas said, "Mrs. Doubtfire was sooo much better in Aladdin (than that guy)." Over all, we decided that the elephant was the best actor.   Before the show, Jared bought some sourdough and a bottle of water, that’s when Becky realized in that moment, the bread and water was Jared’s favorite part of the trip.

OH! We went on the Monsters, Inc. ride and it broke down so we got to walk out of the ride!  We totally took a bunch of pictures before we were told that wasn’t allowed.  Dawne and Zach have the good ones, but here’s the one I took:

You might remember that last year, I went to Disney with Kelly and Rach, and when we were there, I made the comment that “You gotta really want the Dumbo ride.”  Well, Kelly told me before we left that she “REALLY” wanted the Dumbo ride and the Carousel.  In fact, she wore pant the entire day just so that she wouldn’t have to ride side saddle.  We asked Dawne to ride in front of us so that she could take a picture.  Dawne, always the perfectionist, adjusted her Dumbo so that she could get the perfect picture for Kelly to send to her mom.    

I received a couple of text updates from Cathy:
Shane’s Got this

Percy is finally feeling at home

Did you see Nala? She was at Disneyland too today.  She doesn’t look like it, but she had a really great time.

We did the storybook ride, which I had never done before, and did a little shopping before having dinner at the blue bayou.  As we were waiting for our table, all of us pretty sleepy, I tried to tempt Jared with the amazing Beignets.  The problem with this enticement was that a) I didn’t really know how to describe beignets without comparing them to donuts and b) they only have these on their lunch menu. 

Exhausted, we headed back to the hotel.  As I got into bed I wished that the 8 hours of sleep I was about to enjoy would make all of the aches and pains in my body disappear.  I should have prayed instead of wished, because I was not at 100% when I got up.  When we did meet for a quick breakfast, Zach said to me, “So, I guess I'll run and do a fast pass while you guys waddle on over to the Toy Story ride?” I should be insulted, only, I wasn’t because that’s exactly what we did.  When we found out Buzz was closed, we got some ponchos so that we could go on the Grizzly river ride.  Lucas had a big plan to remove his shoes and shirt after he got on the ride to prevent himself getting wet.  This plan was going pretty well until just before the ride got intense we heard, “SIR, PUT YOUR SHIRT ON.  PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON SIR.”   Then we went on the Tower of Terror.  We told Becky what had happened.

Becky: I can see you trying to take your shirt off at on all the rides, like this one.
Me: They would be yelling, “SIR, PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!”
Lucas: But I don’t want to get wet!

We had lunch reservations at Ariel’s Grotto with the princesses.  We ended up having to wait an hour despite our reservations.   We ran over to see the Fantasy Faire exhibit, watched a video, saw some blue prints. 

Me: I think we walked through this last night.  Remember when I said, “What IS this?”
Dawne: What did it look like?
Me: It was purple and it … well (pointing to the miniature replica ten feet from us) looked like that.

None of the princesses wanted to hang out with us, telling us that they had “to find flounder” and “I guess we could take one picture.”  The restaurant was a sea food restaurant (ironic, that they would serve all of Ariel’s friends.”  That with the wait, I announced, “I'm really glad we did this because I never want to do it again.”


Sunday, without a plan, having accomplished everything on Saturday, left us a bit scattered. Based on Jared’s pedometer, I would guess that we walked about 15 miles on Saturday, and possibly another 15 on Sunday simply because we were so inefficient.    We did get to go on the Roger Rabbit ride though (which I had never done) and the It’s a Small World, where Dawne told us that that is how she taught her kids about geography.  I told Shane and Cathy it was so nice of them to watch the pups so that we could visit their homeland.

Ride: The time is now!
Lucas: When is the time not now?

Dawne said she had never been on the Alice in Wonderland.  We tried going on it a couple times but the wait was too long or it was broken down.  Finally, Dawne decided she was getting on the line.  Kelly, Becky & Jared decided that they were going to go sit down and rest.  I wanted to do the same, but could see that this was important to Dawne.  After 40 minutes of waiting for the Alice ride, it broke down. After hearing Dawne say, "I think this ride might break me," we all sat down in the line to wait. No ride shall break our Disney Princess.  It took a little over an hour, but we finally rode the Alice ride.  Half way through I heard Dawne say, “You know.  I think I have been on this ride.”

I really did intend for that to be my last ride, but suddenly I was waiting for the Pinocchio ride. 

Lucas: Why would you listen to those guys -- look how sketch sketch they are. I mean look how innocent he looks.  That's what Adolfo Hitler looked like before he tried marijuana.

Before we knew it, we were on our way to the airport.  Our taxi driver dropping us off at the airport: I normally ask people if they had a good time, but after driving you guys I realize that's a stupid question there probably wasn't a dull moment

I brought Disney Apples to Apples to play at the airport.  Zach saw these choices and said: these are all really exciting. Except for dads. I don't know who put that. (Note: Hall of Presidents won).

I hope you also had a wonderful week, two weeks ago.  I’m going to watch some of the TV then jump back in for round two of updates. 

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