Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's a "Cootie"?


Zach was working at the game store the other day when two little girls, around 7 years old, walked in.  They happened to see a game called “Cootie Catcher.”

Little girl: What is a “cootie?”

Zach: You know it’s something that you can catch if you hang out with boys.

Little girl to the other: Oh! You mean like STD’s. 



I volunteered to help Cristi’s high school English students by being a source, so randomly I’ll receive an email from a kid with a list of questions on various subjects. One of the more recent ones was about violence in video games.  Cristi was reading the student’s papers and got a chuckle she saw this:

"I honestly don't think video games lead to violence. I mean, there weren't video games in the middle ages and I can't say it was a faerie land of hearts and hugs" (O'Brien).



Laina, Rach and I went to see Grey Gardens last week.  I didn’t know anything about this play, but at half-time, Laina turned to us and asked if we wanted to leave.  I didn’t think it was my favorite play, but I was surprised that she wanted to leave, so absolutely.  Then she had me read the synopsis that described a second act that would be sad, depressing and stress inducing.  Just to be sure, I did a quick review on the nets and we immediately jumped up and left.  The good news is that I got to hang out with two lovely ladies before the play and I still got to be home by ten. Winning. 



While with Laina, she told us that her boyfriend Mo had gone to their neighborhood association meeting and came home with notes taken including great idea for a “Wolf Pack.”  In his own words, "There's going to be a bunch of buffed out dudes, each with a little puppy. We'll be walking the streets with puppies licking our faces while we say: just wait 3 months till the dogs grow up - crime is going to be eliminated from Ballard!" They asked on FB if they could borrow Percy, and I was just honored that he would be deemed worthy for the pack.  Another FB friend asked. “Can I come even though we only have a cat?” to which Mo replied, “Bring the cat; we need a sniper.”



I think I also mentioned earlier that for their wedding in 2014, Mo would very much like to build in layers of Aquarium which will then be given away as door prizes.  Proof that his good ideas just keep coming, Laina’s friend Nikki offered to paint the couple a painting.  Laina wanted a painting of the floral variety.  Mo, very animatedly, described a painting reminiscent of the Godfather/family portrait complete with not only Laina and her two cats but also their two future dogs.  Shana suggested for added flair, Nikki should also paint it on velvet. 


Jen introduced me to a new-to-me exercise that I think everyone should participate in!




Saturday, Dawne and I gave the puppies’ baths after going to the park.  Then I think I wrote last week’s update, followed by Dawne and I headed out for Randers’ (Rach + Anders) birthday party.  We left at 4, picked up Jordan, and then finally, when we were 5 minutes away, Rach called to say that everyone was leaving.  Two minutes later, we got a call from Lucas telling us that he fell skateboarding and that his arm was in a direction it shouldn’t be in.  This meant that after two and half hours in the car, we stopped by Rander’s party to use the restroom and then got back in the car to meet Lucas at the hospital.

Sidebar: As soon as we saw the traffic, I pulled over so that we could take the ice out of the car – the one thing I told Rach I would bring to the party.  When we got to her house, I had planned on taking the remaining ice cubes from my iced coffee and running in with them in my hand say that it was all we had left of the ice and it needed a freezer stat.  Sadly, we were too frazzled to make the joke by the time we actually arrived. 


To add insult to injury (I guess literally, huh?), Rach’s party was really the only thing that I had planned on Saturday.  Meanwhile, Lucas, after finding out he just tweaked his arm a bit, called his friend to meet him when he got home for sleepover fun times. 



On Sunday, not wanting to be late to my second event, I left early, picked up croissants and coffee at the French Bakery to arrive at Laina’s brunch at 10:30 exactly.  Unfortunately, Laina and Mo were entertaining the night before (and we were told NOT to inspect their recycling, so just this once, I didn’t take inventory.)  I warned them that I was going to be on time or early, but still, when I walked in Laina was just finishing up the kitchen cleaning and ran upstairs to shower.  Hours later we had this conversation:


Laina: When you walked in, I was like “oh it’s just Tiffany, she’s seen me in the morning” but then I saw Dawne and I was like “Oh! You brought Dawne” and there I was un-showered without a bra on!

Dawne: If it makes you feel better I’ve been sitting here all morning without a bra and no one has even noticed. 



Shana: Laina called me to tell me that Tiffany and Dawne were there and if I hadn’t left the store could I pick up some sprite.  And I texted her back that I was just about to check out… of my bed.


Rach and Anders brought a waffle maker.  Mo decided he wanted add berries to the waffle after some hoping around and stressing that it wasn’t going to be perfect, he finally brought he plate back saying definitively, “NAILED IT.” 



I hope you all are having a wonderful, beautiful week.  I will leave you with this picture of Percy as he stood at the top of the stairs as if to say, “Are you coming back up here or should I walk down to you?"


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