Monday, November 11, 2013

Fangs of Mallow

Update from 10/28-11/4.

On Monday, Diana came over and we tried making something from Pinterest.  Technically, Mike sent this to me, but it's got Pinterest written all over it.  I had a feeling that it was going to be one of those tasty but disastrous experiments - but it actually came out all right.  Must have been all of the quality control tests we implemented.  

During our sugar coma, we started chatting and it became very clear that Diana has already gone full mom, in that she is very disconnected with popular culture.  I mean she didn’t know about any of the popular viral videos (can you imagine!) And had never heard of YOLO.

Zach: You know, it’s like when you Twitter Text YOLO! While drunk driving. 
Lucas: I can’t believe you didn't know what that meant. You're such a mom - even my rabbi says YOLO is dated.

I gave out the cookies at work, and everyone took pics with the “teeth” in their mouth (though no-one would let me share said pics.) After work, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Dr. Rach for drinks.  Very thankful that she still likes to go to a doctor in Bellevue so we can have rando meet ups.  Turns out I had been to her doctor, and that doctor gave me medicine back in June that I was afraid to try.  After Dr. Rach got over her need to tell me I was ridiculous (I’m not sure she actually verbalized it, b/c she’s super sweet, but I’m positive, she was thinking it) she promised she would ask Anders if my fears we’re founded (they weren’t.)  Of course, now if the medicine does work, I’ll be weird about going back to the doctor to tell her that it worked, b/c it took me so long to listen to her in the first place, but you know, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

OH! It was national cat day, and to celebrate, UBER and the ASPCA teamed up to deliver kittens to your office for 15 minutes of snuggle time.  I tried every ten minutes to get kittens here, but alas, they were being snuggled by others. 

A couple of weeks ago, my father told me a secret that I wasn’t supposed to tell my mom about.  The only reason he was telling me was because he couldn’t bear being the only one who knew.  A couple of days ago, I got a call from my parents, and my mom told me that he had told her the secret (not that she hadn’t noticed anyway…) Frita got on the phone then, and told me, you know why I didn’t want to tell her? She’s already told people all the way in CA.  She can’t help herself.  This is funny for many reasons.  One, it’s not one of those things that is so juicy that you’d want to tell people.  Two, my mother is exceptionally good at keeping secrets. Lastly, the other person she told, other than Uncle Jack, was my brother, who was going to find out anyway b/c he was directly involved.  Either way, if you want to know what will happen you’ll have to ask Frita, or wait for Momela to call you.  I hear she’s getting to everyone, one at a time. 

Oh! Not funny at all, I heard that Jackie fainted in Science class and needed 12 stitches near her eye.  As a fainter myself, and a magnet for mishap, I’m surprised in all of my faints, I’ve never needed to be rushed the the hospital.  Though, that one time, in elementary school, when I fainted during a chorus concert, and Rebecca caught me was close call – and also why, the tallest girl in the class had to stand on the floor for the rest of her singing career. 

Lucas: That’s such a good idea Tiffany.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.
I feel like I should be insulted that he was so shocked. 

On Sunday, we had Diana’s baby shower.  I think everyone had a fabulous time, even if I did find this on the counter the next day:

Percy ended up getting really sick towards the end of the party, as in he threw up 15 times within 20 minutes (including on his way to the Vet and again at the vet.  I’m not sure how so much could come out of a little pup, but $500 dollars later, with no additional information, I brought him home.  Turns out Nala also got sick (Nala tends to hide when she’s sick, where Percy likes to come find me and have me hold him while he’s sick – FUN.)  The next day, after a perusal of the yard, we’re convinced that they ate some wild mushrooms. 

And here’s a video for funsies:

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