Monday, November 11, 2013

Shana'll Punch You Out

Finally catching up, here is the update from 11/4-11/11.  Can you feel my relief from there?

This week was actually kind of rough, but mostly because I am an emotional being who doesn't like change.  So, I think I'll just skip that and run head first into the funny bits.  We went to IHOP for dinner, and on our way home this was the conversation I heard.

Lucas:  The Rolling Stones don't feel Bristish to me.  They feel American.
Zach: Haven't you ever heard of the British Invasion... Of 1812
Lucas: Rolling Stones are too good to be British.
Zach: The Beatles are British.
Lucas: Yeah, but they don't have the balls, I mean the rhythm.
Zach: Are you saying that the Beatles weren't very good at music?

Me: On Sunday, I'm going to go to Becky's Shabam class.
Dawne: I'll go, but I don't have very good rhythm.
Lucas: Seriously.  We were in Disney the other day, and she was clapping along on the off beat.
Dawne: I guess when I gave birth to you, you took all of my rhythm.
Lucas: I don't think that's how genetics work.
Dawne: I guess this is why I was so bad at trapeze.  It's hard to jump at the right time to catch the other person.
Lucas: Yeah, basically all you need is to not have the exact opposite rhythm.

Lucas, and consequently, the whole house was grounded this weekend to work on college applications.  

Lucas: I'm on house arrest.
Jordan from HK: Do your ankles chafe?

We decided the best course of action was to watch not-so-good/non-distracting movies all day.  One of these was the 2 1/2 + hour movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

Lucas: This is taking a long time to load it's like they could have mailed it to us.

Lucas: Heh a woman driver that's ridiculous.

Lucas: When does this take place?
Me: 1908.
Lucas: I didn't think they had sound back then.
Zach: They had sound back then, just not recorded sound.

We also started watching some Christmas films.

Zach: There can't be a Christmas movie without an eviction notice.

We stopped to make ourselves lunch, at which time Lucas continued to complain about the weekend plans.
Lucas: How come you didn't get into any schools, Zach?
Zach: I must have got in somewhere, I went to three colleges.

Lucas: Did you know that the most dangerous part of the house is the kitchen? I learned that from Tom and Jerry.

After the essays, there are also some hefty questionnaires.  A couple of Lucas answer's amused me. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
I don't have anything to prove.  Although some less, open-minded individuals might mock my love of Pauly Shore.

What is your most prized possession?
My "Gleaming the Cube" movie poster.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?
A Koala bear, as they too are picky eaters.  They go as far as licking each leaf to make sure it is edible.  

What is a talent you wish you possessed?
I wish I could talk or watch anything to do with the Apollo missions without tearing up. 

On Sunday, Shane and Cathy hosted the monthly brunch.  It was lovely, as always, even if there were some tears and Dawne ended up going home with a migraine.  We got caught up with everyone, which was grrreat! 

Matty:  Now that I'm working at home I have house plants for co-workers. I talk to them and water them, sometimes they die, sometimes I cry, but there are good days too.

Because 2 year old Fynn was talking about Nala, I asked him if he also remembered Percy.  He kinda just stared at me, which you know, is cool.  But then ten minutes later, he was telling everyone, "Percy is a dog." Yes, he is Fynn!

Last week, Shana took Dr. Rach's ticket for the sounders game.  Dr. Rach has tickets in an area that is normally very calm, where people sit and enjoy the game.  Not when Shana went though.  That day, there were a bunch of rowdy people in front of her, arguing an cursing and such.  Then, two guys in back of her started yelling and cursing, so she got up and told them to be quiet, that it wasn't their fight.  At which point, the one guy threw his full beer in her face.  Without thinking, and in perfect boxing form, she did a quick jabbing punch to his face.  While blood started to trickle down from his nose, his friend extended his half full beer in apology and surrender.  Shana declined the beverage. 

The rest of Sunday was pretty chill as Dawne was recovering, and Lucas had essays and projects to do.  We watched another Christmas film, and then I had dash to Gold's Gym where Becky was to teach her first Shebam class, and boy was she ready to dance!

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