Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lady Date

Update 1/13 – 1/19

The big development last week was that we found Kelly a new puppy pal!  Kelly had been really searching for a great rescue pup, but every time she found one, they were adopted before she had a chance to meet them.  On Tuesday, we went to PAWS in Lynnwood, where we found this 17 pounds of cute.  Not sure I could handle being in any type of shelter for very long given that I don’t think Percy has been left on his own for more than an hour in his whole life, never mind in a cage for prolonged amounts of time.  (I’m not saying folks at shelters are neglectful – quite the opposite is true.)  Anyway, we saw Piper, but had to wait for someone to give us time to play with her.  While standing there, she kept reaching both her paws all the way out of her cage in a plea to be released/held.  Such a sweetie! 

Kelly wanted to bring her home immediately, but she had to stay and be spayed first, and then she brought her new friend home on Thursday.  Piper made herself at home right away.   Friday we brought lunch over to Kelly’s just so we could spend an hour of adoration. 

I got caught up on Downton Abbey this week.  I watched two episodes, told my mom, and she said, “I know! I can’t believe they did X!” to which I replied, “That didn’t happen yet!”  I guess I asked for that. J  When I did see the third episode I had a lot less stress because I was emotionally prepared, which I’m sure is what Momela was going for.

I have been continuing my Doctor Who education, but slowly, to Zach’s lament.  I just don’t want this time with Matt Smith to end! 

On Friday, we went to Outback for dinner.  I’m not sure why we don’t ever think to go to Outback, b/c it’s always great.  Although, the bloomin’ onion always reminds me of when I tried to make it at home and it was a soggy, batter-y, mess.  Also reminds me of when I went with Roy in college.  The waitress brought something for Roy, and without thinking, I said, “Thank you.”  Roy made fun of me, as if I had said it b/c I didn’t think he had any manners and was telling the waitress, “Sorry for my friend, but he is grateful.”  This was so not the case, and I wish I could say that I was more aware of my appreciative reflex, but I’m not really sure that’s true. 

Saturday, we went to Marymoor, then went boot shopping (apparently it isn’t boot season.) Then we went to see Her. All the men in my life who have seen this movie think it’s the greatest move ever.  Dawne and I thought it was seriously just okay.  Luke told me I was wrong, but I don’t think I am.  J

Sunday, Dawne went to the outlet mall with me so I could go to every shoe store looking for boots only to go back and buy the first pair that I tried one.  Honestly, though, they were the only ones that fit well – but I don’t like making decisions anyway so yay!  We got back in time for me to get ready for my Lady-Date with Becky. 

Becky picked me up at 4:30 (no flowers, but I forgive her.)  We went to the market, walked around, got some coffee, strolled some more.  Then we arrived at the Pink Door.  Literally, just a pink door with no signage. Inside, however, was this lovely Italian restaurant.  Not only was the food great, and company divine, the trapeze artist was RIGHT next to us.  So cool. Plus, sharing the booth with Becky was really special and I really appreciated her cutting my food for me cuz Ravioli can be really tricky. (Some of that didn't happen.) 

As we were leaving, 1st street was FILLED with Seahawks fans, and their excitement made me think, “Maybe we won a game?”  I tried to take a random picture of the thousands of Seahawks fans and accidentally took a picture of the two 49er fans.  Doh.

Weird thought of the day: If you are a huge fan of something, are you more likely to be a fan of other things?  If you have the capability of being that excited and intense about x, then you’re equally, or more likely to be excited about y & z.  And if you’re not deeply passionate about one thing, than you’re just a generally apathetic person?  I thought about this as I am walking around an office that are seriously into what we make, but they also have a crazy ton of Seattle Seahawks stuff up, and, equally, I have seen transformer themed cars in the parking lot.  Can you truly be fanatical about just one thing? Or, if you are loyal to just one thing, is that what makes you crazy?  Or am I crazy?  (Maybe these two are not mutually exclusive. :P)

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