Friday, January 31, 2014

The Goddaughter

(Update 1/20/14- 1/27/14)

Monday morning started with Percy bounding up the stairs, and immediately asking to be let into Dawne and Jordan’s room.

Jordan: Come in!
Dawne: Beaner can’t open the door, he’s a dog. 

That’s what happens when you have a polite animal that thinks he’s a human, the humans start treating him as such. 

On January, 22nd, my Goddaughter, Daphne Jane was born.  Could she be any more awesome?

In an attempt to get more exercise and fresh air, I have set a goal of walking for 2 hours every day.  In order to accomplish this goal, Dawne and Jordan have been waking up and going to the dog park with me for an hour in the morning.  Then, Dawne graciously takes all of the dogs back home with her and Jordan and I go to work.  Then, I make one of my co-workers walk for 30-60 minutes during lunch.  When I get home, whatever we haven’t walked so far, we make up by going to the “track” at crossroads.  The pups don’t like crossroads quite as much because they have to be on a leash.  Well, Nala doesn’t have to, b/c she a) listens and b) doesn’t freak out when a stranger pops out of the night.  (Honestly, I can’t blame them, I get scared too when strangers try to use the same public space I am using without announcing themselves to me.)  Crossroads, “lit up” at night:

My Iceland coat is working out quite nicely, though it perhaps is not quite as clean as it once was.  The Iceland boots also did well, but still look nice and white.  Jordan must not have bought a coat for Iceland, so for a couple of days he complained about how cold it was.  Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but you know, I’m a lil Miss Crankypants in the morning, so in response to one of his remarks, I burst out with, “YOU’RE AN ADULT JORDAN, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE DRESS YOURSELF APPROPRIATELY IN THE MORNING!!!” This snowballed until, I had to walk away from the conversation.  Man, every time I think I’m beginning to become a more reasonable and calm person, out of nowhere, this sort of thing happens.  Maybe I’ll be better in 2015. 

Percy, while he loves the park, doesn’t love having to wait patiently in his coat on our way there.

We’re back to watching the Gilmore Girls.  I think what happens is life and winter becomes over whelming to one or all of us, and the only cure, is spending time with our old friends Rory and Lorelei.  Currently, Dawne is in full swing organization/move mode and she tackled the office space (AKA the room where things go to die) last week.  I’m pretty sure GG was the only way she got through it.  Here’s a shot of my boys watching the girls with me:

On Friday evening, Matty came over for dinner, and as always his company was delightful.  I told him that I was going to have a Women of WizKids Breakfast tour, which then led to a flurry of names from Matty that I had not heard in many moons, and I apologize for forgetting to send all of you ladies and invite.  The best memory of course was Cory, who was hired while she was pregnant, and then when she left after she had the baby, she was replaced by a mail box.  Not even a locked mailbox, just a shelf in the hallway that anyone had access to.  In the beginning of WizKids, there was Garth, our HR guy.  Anytime things got rowdy, we would yell his name.  And long after he was gone, the tradition of yelling Garth remained.  I guess we didn’t need anything more than that. 

On Saturday, Becky came to the house, and we went to the WoWBT together.   It was our first stop on the tour was at Portage Bay, so we started out small with Jen, Shana, Becky and… wait for it… SHARON!! Love that girl.  When we parked, Becky jumped out of the car saying, “I’ll get parking! I’m generous!” 

After a lovely breakfast, Becky joined me for a two hour walk at Marymoor.  She then left to be productive, and I went home and hung out with Zach watching Doctor Who, followed by more GG.  Oh!  I also got a couple more LOL dogs for Percy, b/c he killed the one that my mom got him for Christmas.  Now, they are all sewed up so that he can’t pull the battery out of inside of the dog and beat the battery against the ground until it’s dead.  I also only give it to him for a small amounts of time (b/c while, Percy loves it, Jordan thinks it’s the worst.)  I’ve noticed that Percy has a new way of telling us what he wants.  No barking or begging, just an intense stare at the thing that he wants until someone notices and give it to him.  Works for me, (and him, too, I guess.) 

On our way home, we got an underpass of I-5, that was super pretty:  

On Sunday, I got to hang out with Diana and her baby Harper, who is super sweet, followed by my more the same that happened the day before.  I know, thrilling.

Have fun watching the Super Bowl this weekend, oh and I’m pretty sure this is not Franchise approved:

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