Friday, May 9, 2014

St. John Baptist de la Salle, Pray For Us

On Monday, I got up early, put on my best, “I hope you like me!” outfit, and headed off to New Employee Orientation.  I said hello right away to some folks when we were in the lobby.  Then later, at station 2, while in line, I decide to test to see if we *really* needed to wait in line.  We did.  That’s when people started sitting near me “just in case” they needed my help. One of the stations was to take a picture for our badge.  After she took the picture I asked, “How do I look?” so she offered to let me see.  I was told later that this turn of events created a trend in which everyone wanted to see their photo.  Whoops.  Next I was off to get a latte and meet my orientation team for the day.  I tried to be passive, I did, but before I knew it, we were changing our team name.  Before long, despite saying that I didn’t want to, I was running up to people to ask questions on behalf of the team, creating a presentation and then taking the mic. 

My first day was exactly like all my other days, only they took my picture again.  It was also a gorgeous day and I was super happy.  I’m pretty sure that Kelly and I went to the park every single day this week which made for a really awesome week.  There was even a lot of park + dinner evenings that made it feel like we were uber cool adult creatures.  Monday night was like a “ladies night” complete with margaritas and Tuesday was the Tipsy Cow with Kelly, Dawne and Jordan.  Oh, and I got home and saw Lucas working on a new logo. My only comment was, “good thing Earth Day was last Tuesday.”

Wednesday morning was a scary day but I’m marking it down as one of the best days ever.  It started out with Frita getting into an awful accident.  He was t-boned on Lee Blvd, the impact of which caused his car to roll over.  He then was stuck upside down, until the emergency crew could arrive to break the window and cut his glorious lifesaving seatbelt off so he could crawl out through the no-longer there windshield.  After being checked out at the hospital with a full battery of tests, he only had some minor cuts and bruises.  I’m sure this very lucky occurrence (both that he was okay and that my mother wasn’t riding shotgun where the impact occurred) is entirely because of how tight my parents are with God, which I am ever so grateful.  Interesting side story, my parents have always, at least since I can remember, started any trip, even small ones, with a prayer to St. John Baptist de la Salle.  April 30th was his birthday.  Later that day, I called to see how Frita was holding up.  I guess he hadn’t wanted to say anything but his chest was hurting, like something was pulling.  Finally, he decided to check and the hospital had left all the EKG sticky tabs on him complete with wires on, what was, a very rainy day.  Here’s a picture of the side of the car that didn’t get hit.

I also had breakfast with Gabo and his wife on Wednesday morning at Brown Bag.  I told him about going to the Mexican place on Tuesday.
Gabo: That place is terrible.  That is NOT Mexican food.
Me: So… how do you feel about Taco Bell?
Gabo: !!
Me: Taco Time?
Kelly (Mrs. Gabo): I’ve never been to Taco Time. Gabo won’t let us.
Me: OOOH! We can go together!
Kelly: And bring some back for Gabo in an unmarked bag!

I told this story to some co-workers when we went out for a celebratory lunch at another Mexican place and minutes later this was being sent to Gabo:

Gabo: Tiffany want to get on my nerves.  I wonder what you had. 
Me: A Cheese-a-dilla and a bud light.

Wednesday night, instead of the park after work, Kelly and Piper came over to swim.  She was telling Piper that our house was “the other dog park.”  We didn’t quite jump in the pool right away though because Jordan had an impromptu work bbq, which was kinda nice b/c then I got to see Sharon and Mike. J  Eventually, we stopped caring about the strangers and jumped in the pool anyway – which Percy boy LOVED.  So pleased with his new swimmer-friendly haircut!

On Thursday morning at around 7ish, I got a text from Gabo “We need counter measures for today’s weather.  Let’s get ice cream for lunch.”  Ben & Jerry’s by the lake? Don’t mind if I do!  Kelly also grabbed some shots that encapsulate a day at the park with Dawne for your viewing pleasure.

We also had an office monster pop up around here last week… and he appears to be fed.

On Friday, I really wanted to go to the park, again.  But by the time we got there, it had started to rain.  Luckily, die-hard, PNW, dog park lovers are rewarded with rainbows!  Kelly brought Alicia’s ten year old lab to park because she was dog-sitting.

Kelly: Violet!
(Violet keeps walking.)
Kelly: She's not a very good listener.

After the park, we went to the Malt and Vine for some adult beverages and food, but had to sit inside because of the rain.  Afterwards, we headed back to the house where Matty and Lucas entertained us with a mini kitchen concert. 

Matty: Do you have a pick?
Lucas: Yes, in the Box of Jewish Mysticism

Kelly: Why aren’t your dog’s chewing on all these bones?
Me: Oh, yeah.  Those are old bones. 

Piper and Violet had no such reservations. In fact, Violet is a “real” dog that straight up devoured those bones. 

Me: Check out the tiny hats next to the fish tank – they are Nala’s.
Kelly: Someone is going to where this hat.
Immediately, Percy jumped in my lap.
Me: He knows someone is in a dress up mood.

On Saturday, I was trying to find a back pack online that I’ve been borrowing from Dawne.  Percy really loves this back pack, and I feel bad borrowing it all the time.  Dawne insisted that she didn’t mind, but I kept searching anyway.  After intense googling, I FINALLY found the exact bag… but I think I might take Dawne up on that borrowing option…

After breakfast, I met up with Diana and Harper at the Redmond Farmer’s Market where I purchased honey and bee pollen.  Supposedly the bee pollen is supposed to help with your immunity if consumed regularly.  I’m not sure how you measure this, but the woman was not very nice to me.  And yet, I still bought things from her which just encourages her behavior.  I’ll let you know if it works, if I manage to use it more than once. 

Saturday evening Becky had her dance mania party.  I’m not going to lie, I had a blast – and not just because my favorite gem of the 90’s played, “Shoop.”  Becky told me she didn’t care about what type of cake, as long as there was a lot of frosting.  Her wish was granted with an icing tub with her name on it. 

Sunday, we met Matty for brunch at the Pancake House, followed by a small visit with Diana, Jason and Harper at Starbucks.  I skipped the trip with D&J to Ikea.  Instead, Sean called and helped me with my 401K so that’s at least one accomplishment.  And we ended the evening with some family games when Zach came over – complete with our very first home cooked meal in the brown house:

Oh, and this, cuz it’s funny.

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