Friday, May 23, 2014

You Got Baptismed

On Monday evening, Dr. Rach came over for some dinner and Ticket to Ride: Europe. 

After Nater moved a point tracker ahead 12 places by jumping rather than tapping on each number.
Lucas (sans sarcasm): Wow! You really are good at math!

A little later, as we have all been “building trains” for an hour:
Lucas: This isn’t real.  Trains aren’t built this way. 

My friends and I have been trying to put together a night to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after a couple of folks finished reading the book of the same name.  Dr. Rach offered to make a nice healthy dinner for everyone.  A couple of hours before the event…
Jen: I’m totally carb loading before I arrive.

On a similar note, my co-worker borrowed my Monster Book of Monsters for a couple of days and when she returned it, she left a note saying, “Mischief Managed.”

And this note has nothing to do with anything, but I introduced the fam to Smuckers Uncrustables – just in time for Dawne to sprain her ankle horribly.  She was on crutches all week, so the easy bread pouches of pb&j were perfect! Also, on Wednesday, they took pictures of the house and then put it up for sale. Yay!

And, Becky, Jared and Kelly came over with Piper for a swim and bbq.  As you know, Percy is a BIG swimmer.  Well, Piper was very excited to join in, and jumped right on top of him nearly drowning him, twice.  He shook for a LONG time after, and I’m not sure about whether or not he’ll be getting back in the pool.  I’m super happy he’s okay though, and just hope we can teach Piper water safety sooner than later. 

On Friday I asked Erika about what to wear for the Christening. 

Woke up early, flew down to San Fran (first class!) and then took the Bart to meet up with Erika – first stop: Starbucks.  (I accidentally typed that “Startbucks” and that might actually be a more appropriate name.  It was great to see her parents and sister – I don’t think I’ve seen them since Erika and Kenny’s wedding ten years ago.  Toby, Erika’s eldest, totally remembered me, and had LOTS to catch me up on.  When we started talking Penn State, Toby went to his room and brought out a teddy bear saying, “I got this at Penn State.” Annnnnd he was back into the conversation.  J

We all went over to the park and had an adorable 3rd birthday party for Xavi.  Erika made this sweet hot wheels cake and there was a T-Shirt decorating activity for the kids where they painted with the tires of the trucks.  Very cool.  Erika’s sister Stephanie, and her family were also there.  She had bought Xavi sea animals and a giant shark – I thought Xavi might pass out he was so excited.  Despite all the awesome, as things were wrapping up, Xavier said, “I’ve had a good day at the park, but it’s time to go.” He then proceeded to get into the stroller. 
After the party, Neville and Janette did me a solid and drove out to Pleasanton to hang out with me!  Oh, yeah, Pleasanton turned out to be this adorable little town.  I felt like I was on vacation!  I mean, I guess I was on vacation, but this made it more so.   We grabbed dinner at this Mediterranean place where I got caught up on their lives.  Then we took a little walk about town.

Neville: Oooh! Look! They sell children’s wedding dresses!
Janette: I think those are flower girl dresses.

Sunday: More startbucks, plus some grocery shopping.  I played a bit with Xavi, and got christened myself, in a way, when Daphne got comfortable enough with me to throw up on me.  Or, in the Erika-Kenny household, “I got cheesed.”  Perfect timing though, right before I showered.  She really is perfect!

It was a lovely ceremony, and lovely party celebrating one lovely little girl.  When everyone left, Xavi got real close to Daphne, holding her face with his hands and told her, “You. Got. Baptisimed.”

Erika tried to tell me that Tulips keep growing after you cut them and put them in a vase.  I remain unconvinced.

Erika and Kenny we're telling this story about when they were dating and how Kenny was kinda stalkerish.

Erika: You were kind of a stalker.
Me: Stalking is alright...
Kenny: If it works?
Me: I was going to say if they like you back.

We were also talking about stealing accidentally and on purpose.  Erika told me she brought pine cones home from WA once, and the next day, there were bugs covering her room.   This totally reminded me of the time when we drove cross country with my parents and drove into CA.  CA Border control told us they needed to confiscate our fruit.

Frita: We don’t have any fruit.
Border Control: Um, what about that apple right there.  I’m going to need to take that.
Eva (whispering to me): Don’t tell them about the caramel apples!!
Me: This is so weird!
Eva: I know they probably have a fruit stand on the other side to sell us back our own fruit. 

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