Friday, May 2, 2014

Way Back Ground

Before I begin, I need to note that I had a dream that Danny, a friend from when I was growing up, in which his wife had a baby.  So, if that happens today, which would be weird b/c she’s not due for another 2 weeks, my premonition skills are on high   I started the week still in NY.  My dad handed me an envelope full of my bank statements from college.  Things I learned about myself:

- I paid for 95% of things in cash.
- My paychecks were adorable. (My mom commented, “I wouldn’t know, I never saw any of that money – you spent it all on beer.” To which I said, “Nah, I’m sure I bought some clothes with it too.”)
- I actually had checks to Verizon that looked like this:

Then my mom made me a ham to take home with me and handed me homemade Irish Soda Bread.  She’s pretty much the best.  I also made time to plant the tulips from Evivova, like a regular green thumb.  All this in between running around with my nephews and pup.  Before I knew it, we were heading to the airport for a splendid trip on Alaska Airlines, during which, Percy was perfect. J

When I arrived to work on Tuesday, I was surprised by some fun Earth Day candy and trading cards – too fun.  Though, I’m not going to lie to you, this is the only way that I celebrated the day and since I missed my ONE opportunity… maybe next year, Earth!

Wednesday… I found myself in a bit of jam because I needed to find all of my W2’s from the last ten years for an employment background check.  Miraculously, and if you could see my filing “system” you would see that it was truly an act of God, I found documentation from 2004 onwards.  I called the company and after I sent the paper work and said, “Yeah, I don’t have anything from 2003 because I was a baby, and didn’t know I had to keep any records.”  They accepted this as fact, and I was cleared for work!

On Thursday, I wrote two of these, so that kinda occupied most of the day.  :P  Followed by my “last day” on Friday as a v- (v dash).  Hip hip hooray! Did I also mention that I finished three seasons of Veronica Mars?  And every time I watched the credits, I thought:

Kelly: Rob Thomas?
Me: Not that Rob Thomas.

In a stroke of GENIUS, Dawne found a place for a pantry in the brown house.  Here is it half way finished:

Saturday, we mostly moved furniture, cleaned and I watched Dawne and Jordan change light bulbs.  Not terribly exciting, but you know, I wouldn’t want you to think we had stopped moving.  J  I also worked some Oxy Clean magic on the kitchen chairs.  Seriously, magical because we thought that we were going to have to reupholster them.  I’m not sure what an outside is going to think of the house, but I sure was pleased to see the flying contraptions hanging from the ceiling again, comic book characters on the walls, and cartoon statues adorning the shelves.  Not to mention, a bright shiny Pop-N-Fresh going to battle with a mouse inside the kitchen table.  Maybe it’s just my nostalgic nature and all the joy that I associate with the yellow house, but I keep feeling both hopeful and defensive about how people will feel when they come in to look at the house. 

On Sunday, we all went over to celebrate Baby Harper (Diana and Jason’s little one) at her dedication service. It was really cool to get to participate in their church services and get a different perspective.  Plus, they looked so happy and as always, Harper was adorbs.  Here is a terrible picture (the lighting was not on my side.)

After getting some laundry done, and finally unpacking from my trip.  Zach and I took a trip to the Bargain Market, the only acceptable place to shop according to Zach (when he’s paying.)   I met Kelly and Piper at the park followed by dinner at Outback with the fam. 

Earlier in the week, Zach was coerced into walking at graduation by his grandma.  When his grandpa got on the phone he said, “I’m supposed to tell you to walk, but I don’t really give a sh*t, so I’m probably not the best person for this job.”  He also announced that “Everyone down here are idiots” and couldn’t wait to leave PR and come back to WA.  Until, or course he spends a couple of months here and then he’ll be saying, “Everyone up here are idiots…” We miss you too, Uncle Ray.

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