Monday, December 15, 2014

I Blame the Typhoid

Update 12/8 – 12/14

On Monday, there was a flurry of activity in the morning that concluded with Nater driving me, Zach, & Jordan to work. 

Me: Should I call Zach and see if he wants to just join me at the doctor for shots?
Dawne: Yeah.  Zach isn't good at anything.
Nater: Did you want to qualify that that at all?

Zach and I went to get our shots for our trip.  I got a little nervous when I started thinking about getting three shots, so my doctor gave me the pill form of the typhoid vaccination.  Naturally, all week, I’ve been blaming everything on the “typhoid.”  When we left the office, Zach felt his tongue swelling up.  When we went back to the doctor, the nurse said, “Yeah, that doesn’t sound normal.  You should watch that and if it gets worse go to the hospital.”  Thanks!  He ended up bring fine, but we made him hang out with us that evening just in case. 

From my friend Jen:

Honest to goodness random quote from Lily just now about her crush (Nolan) after I explained how a silent auction works:
"I wish Nolan could be bound to a tree so I could bid to have him for my boyfriend. I'd pay like $300."
"Bound to a tree?!?" I said
"Yeah or something like that."

I got all my Christmas cards done, except for a few stragglers that still need to give me their addresses.  

And then I finished the Oreo Balls and brought them into the folks at work.  Twice this week I’ve had to put my keys in or on the fridge to remember to bring something.  The first time was with goat’s milk I got for the sick pups.  I put my keys right into the mini fridge at work.  The second time was to remember to bring the Oreo balls in to work b/c I totally forgot the day before.  I should have taken a picture of the final balls, because it was a classic Pinterest vs Reality moment that would have left you in stitches.   Didn’t stop my co-workers from devouring them! What they didn’t look like:

And a picture of my keys, feel free to save this as your desktop photo:

Had another awesome Food Truck Friday, with special guests Ethan and Ronell.  I saw Ronell and Mat in a conference room (both of which normally work in Redmond, so I thought that they’d want to drive together.)

Me: It’s food truck Friday if you want to come Ronell! But you have to drive with Matastic.
Ronell: Is it because you don’t let black people in your car?
Me: um… yes? That’s totally the reason?

Mort, Judy and Lucas all flew in on Friday evening, but both flights were delayed.  As Lucas was sharing his travel woes with the FB, I helpful pulled this image off the internet:

The good news is we all got to have a lovely family breakfast on Saturday morning.  Mort was telling us about going to a sermon where the rabbi used golf metaphors to describe the many ways we suffer.  After the sermons, Mort we up to the rabbi and said, "But don't you think golf is the ultimate suffering?"

Lucas: The only modern boxer I can think of is that guy with the tattoos on his face.
Me: Mike Tyson?
Lucas: yes! And Muhammad Ali.
Zach: and George Forman!

On Saturday night, Zach and I met up with Matty for dinner.  As I started the car, Zach turned to me and said, "I like that it reminds you that you're driving a fiat."

Sunday, we all got up early, piled into a rented suburban and headed to Leavenworth, WA. I made a lot of references to Switchmas and his which everyone conveniently had forgotten that they watched. Guess what I'm making everyone watch again this week?

We rented a Suburban to head over the mountains.  Jordan: No matter how big the car... [Casper insists on sitting shotgun, on Dawne’s lap.]

After picking up Zach and Cassidy, Lucas put on a British "Christmas" song that was pretty dreary, for which the only cure was the Muppet’s “Life’s a Happy Song.”  We then agreed to switch back and forth so that we had a Christmas selection every other song.

Listening to the Tarzan soundtrack, Lucas, "this is the N'sync version - listen for Justin!"

While listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Lucas sang, "deep and dark December - that's now!"

Cassidy: Can you do me a big favor? Can you take a picture from the front?
Zach: First, I think that qualifies as a small favor.

Lucas: If anything, the quotations should be on Australian.

I don’t want to embarrass her, but it is no secret that my mom doesn’t really have a green thumb.  For a while, she took to tying silk roses to her rose bush because she was tired of waiting for flowers that wouldn’t bloom.  I think the most fun was this way she could have different colored roses every year! Well, the proprietor had the same idea. 

I am clearly behind the times because this is the first time I’ve seen this motto, and I love it.

I took this picture because this reminded me exactly of the real Bavaria without Neuschwanstien.

Dawne: Are you going to check it out?
And that's when Casper put the window down. He has a very large vocabulary.

And one more of Leavenworth, because the clouds here were amazing.  

Also, if you look closely at this picture there is a chick carrying cat who is on a leash (under the do not enter sign.)

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