Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ya Got Snacks?

 Update 11/26-11/30

My co-worker James brought in a fridge for all of us to use.  As Elizabeth went to put her lunch away, she ran into a problem.
Elizabeth: someone who doesn't respect its importance blocked the fridge with a box
Christy: I know how it feels.

On Tuesday evening, we had a full house, including Zach, Nater, Nater's friend and her 5 year old, and then later, Lucas and 10 of his closest friends.  They were up pretty late, especially because Lucas didn't get home until after 10.  I'm sure he was hurting the next morning when everyone got up at 4 am to catch a flight to Cancun for a family wedding. 

The following morning, possibly because I didn't get much sleep the night before, I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to call in sick to get some rest before my trip.  I did wake up to bring Percy to the groomer though, and while I was getting him ready, the 5 year old, a la little Susie Lou Hoo, came yawning into the living room.  I put on some TV for her and then left with Percy.  When I returned she popped her head up from the couch, with bag raised up, announcing that she had found Chex Mix for breakfast.   I suggested I make her pancakes instead, and she informed me that her mom had pancakes on the approved, "healthy breakfast list."  She also let me know that Hot Cocoa went very well will pancakes.  A couple of hours later, my little friend and her mother left, and I hurried to pack and pick up Percy before finally getting some rest.  The problem I ran into was that while I was not feeling 100%, and needed sleep, my head and heart were far too excited to get any real sleep.  After lying there for an hour, Percy heard something and went to protect me.  I then realized I had failed to lock the doors, panicked and went to investigate.  I saw a shadow and a light go off at the end of the basement stairs so I bravely called out, "Hello!?"  It was Arda, Lucas' friend, who had been sleeping downstairs, with a dead phone and no car to get him home.  I offered to drive him to a bus station (which later I realized it would have been quicker to drive him home.)  As I was dropping him off, he commented, "Wow! You've got a lot done today!"  I agreed, although, I also pointed out that it was also 3PM.  Arda's mind was blown.

Oh! I totally took holiday pictures of Percy when he was all cleaned up.  I also bought him a hunter’s hat that his little ears poked through with matching tie.  These were more fun in theory, as the hat gave him old man eye brows (I can hear my father's moan from here.) Here are some out takes:

Percy, as always, was resigned to his travel experience.

I was SO excited to get home to NY, despite the snowfall.  And as an added bonus, Maureen and my parents were able to safely get to the airport to pick me up!  Apparently, Kevin woke up at 2 in the morning to ask Mo if they were leaving to pick me up.  Mo didn't know, so she called and woke up her mother, who of course was thrilled to hear from her.  :)

It took less than 5 seconds for Percy to fully appreciate the winter wonderland that had arrived for us.

Then I took a nap before heading to one of the most gloriously enjoyable Thanksgivings, ever.  I snapped this picture of Maureen pretending to take credit for the cooking, even though it was all Stacey. 

Bailey: Jackie asked me when she was going to be allowed to sit at the adult table.  I told her never, because you're getting older but the number of adults are not getting smaller. 
True story. 

Totally random, but Stacey has enormous fish (AKA sharks) in her fish tank.

Me: Whoa, what are you doing with Carter?
Bails: Morgan.
Sean: No, she didn't.
Bails: Yeah, she did.  She came into the kitchen giggling and asked mom to come look at what she did, and then mom said, "I like it better this way."

Before dinner, Sean gave a beautiful blessing/toast.  He started by saying, "When I woke up this morning, I thought "Who's got it better than me?" And I know many of you feel the same way.  And then he talking about his blessings, and how thankful he was for Stacey's mom, who gave him his life, basically.   It was beautiful, and while he was getting choked up, we were all tearing up because of how sweet it was.   Hours later, when I was in the car on our way home, my dad said, "You know, it took everything not to say to Sean, "better than I." 

Sean was also talking about looking into college costs again after realizing that his kids might want to get more than 4 year degrees.  (Although, I think Jackie is just going to wait for Ellen DeGeneres retire and take her job.) to Morgan told him that she looked up the best college for (I totally forget for what), and decided she wanted to go to Stamford. 
Morgan: We should totally visit Stamford.
Jackie: We DID visit Stamford.
Morgan: We did?
Sean: You're not going to Stamford.

As we were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner...
Michelle: Does Percy want some turkey?
Me: Yeah!
Michelle: I wasn't sure.  Percy looks like he only eats organic.

Kevin said to Kyle, "What a piggy!" and then shoved a chocolate covered something in his mouth.

While we were playing Taboo:
Kevin: Something you would put in your sleeping bag.
Michelle's son Nate: Meat! Milk!
Me: Michelle, what kind of sleepovers are you having at your house?

The next morning Carla and I brought the girls to the diner.  I was a little late picking them up, so naturally they had already decided on what they would order, which was essentially over two meals for everyone plus milkshakes.  Except for Jackie who said, "I'm on a diet so I didn't get the milkshake." 

Let me back up, as soon as we walked in, the girls went over and talked to a bunch of people throughout the diner. It felt like a whilewind of hello's.  When they returned to the table, Carla turned to them and asked, "Are one of you the mayor?"

Bails: I was really popular in preschool things went down from there.
Carla: So you peaked in preschool?
Bails: Yup.

Morgan: If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Carla and I: 27
Morgan: Ask Jackie how old she would be.
Jackie: 63
Carla: Not 65 so you could get retirement benefits?
Jackie: You make a good point.

Then the girls told us about Sean's friends girlfriend who was 27, but was also crazy and scary (to them.)  Carla and I decided to change our age to 30 then.  Also, Jackie requested that we bake afterwards, and suggested that maybe we give some of the treats to the old neighbors.
Me: What is old in this scenario?
Jackie: 63.  There is this woman next door that is delightful...
Me: And now we know where 63 comes from.

The other woman stopped by, also around 63, and when they were chatting, Bails told her not to tell them where she lived or Jackie would stop by.  We all laughed, until later, when Jackie said, "Where does she live again, maybe we could stop by and drop off some cookies."  Apparently, Bails had a genuine warning.

Carla: Jackie, you are cutting totally weird.  Is that how you actually cut things?
Jackie: You know, 97% percent of Americans cut like me - wrong.  Actually, Grandpa told me Aunt Tiffany doesn't know how to cut things, either.
Me: It's true.  I'm cutting this waffle with a fork for a reason.

Me: Okay people! We need to get on this food.  We have potato pancakes left...
Morgan: I was in charge of the bacon!
Me: What about this butter?
Jackie: Hold on.  Okay, I'll just put this chicken nugget and single fry in my pocket.  There ya go.  All done!  Ready for a picture.

On our way to the grocery store:
Jackie: Dad was overly excited about everything yesterday.  It got old quick.  I was all, get over it! move on! Focus on the ppl who are with you now!
Carla: Wow, you could be a psychologist.

I also mentioned that we were very close Sean & Stacey's old condo, and asked if Bails remembered her old 'hood. Everyone wanted to make a little visit, and I was grateful I was able to remember where it was.  And, for those who might not know, their condo was next door to Sing Sing prison.

Carla:  Bailey, this is where I dropped you!
Morgan: Jackie, look! Sing Sing! Come check out your future home!

As we were leaving, we discussed how we should have knocked on the door.
Jackie: Or just walked in and asked, "Ya got snacks?" Then I could have traded my chicken finger and fry.

Then we made lots of baked goods, and played some Telestrations. I love that my nieces consider me such a great baker, pretty much the only ones that do, and I appreciate it greatly.

Later that evening, I met Evivova for a movie and drinks.  We went to go see Hunger Games 3.  The last movie she had seen was the first Hunger Games, and I hadn't seen any of them because reading the books was too emotional for me.  For Evivova though, I was all in. 

Eva: When I left, Joe pointed out that Freddy got mashed potatoes in his hair, and I was like, "Oh well, gotta go!"
Me: He's probably sleeping soundly now, with those potatoes as an extra pillow.

The boys were talking about Bill Gates (not sure why, I wasn't there).
Patrick: Do you wish you were Bill Gates?
Pat: No, than I wouldn't have you.
Patrick: Did you just say something nice to me?!

On Saturday, Mo, Frita and I went to get Sean's birthday present.  We then decided we should start putting it together (and by "we" I mean Pat and Patrick put it partially together.)  Then we drove it down to Sean & Stacey's - only Stacey and the girls had just gotten home when we got there, and then as we were outside (and it was FREEZING) getting the Chiminea all set up, Sean came home.  Jackie helped distract him by locking him out of the house without explanation.  It was a whirlwind - but I think Sean will totally appreciate it someday.  I mean look how happy he was?

Then my mom made me a ham (yum!) and we played canasta.  The next morning, I took Percy outside, and he was voraciously sniffing the snow.  Then, I watched him hop, hop and shove his whole head in the snow, followed by some squeaks coming from the mouse that he had caught.  I was both impressed and horrified before I told him to drop it.

I also got to meet up with Briana & Austin on Sunday morning.  We went to Ben Franklin and took a little walk until Austin's got chilly. (Really good call by Banana to go somewhere that we could loop.   Is this the kind of magically knowledge you get when you become a mom?)  Then I asked my mom and dad to bring me to Sean's on our way to the airport so I could teach them how to play Ticket to Ride.  We played until the very last moment, and it was super fun. 

On my way back from the airport, I got a phone call from Lucas asking me not to go to sleep.  I didn't think that was a problem because I hadn't gotten home yet.  He said he wanted to make sure that we could chat before he left.  Which we did, until like 1 in the morning, which was awesome, especially since he had to leave for the airport at 4 am. 

Zach: The wedding was lovely, but you know those 7 prayers that they say?
Me: No.  I haven't been to a Jewish wedding since your parents - and even that was halfsies.
Zach: Well, they call 14 people up to read the prayers both in Herbrew and English and it is a real snoozefest.
That's when he told me he was going to do it differently for his wedding - but I just realized I don't want to ruin the surprise.  :)

I hope you all are having a great week! 

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