Monday, November 8, 2010

Austrian Outlaw

Here is a not so quick story from last Monday.  Maybe you'll find it amusing--My mother sure did.    

So I was on my way home on Monday night when I called my mother. 
M How are you?
T Fine
M (laughter) You don’t sound fine.
T I thought I was fine.  What’s up?
M Well, you got something in the mail from Verizon.
T Awesome! Is it my check for $100?
M No. (Laughter and in a mocking voice.) Let’s read here… (and proceeded to read the letter in a gleeful voice about how I didn’t include something so I’m not getting $100.)
T Just stop.  I don’t want to listen to the. It’s pissing me off.
M Then you don’t want to hear anymore?

Basically I got a ticket in Austria and my mom thinks that this is hilarious.  AVIS sent me a letter saying that they were contacted but it was in German and then I got this other ticket thing -- also in German that I could tell was a ticket but I had to ask Kathi translate:

My mom better not know what kind of people I hang with:

Hey Tiff!

What they wrote is hilarious and I think it should be posted on your wall, but since you are the criminal now, I shall protect your right of privacy XD. Anyway pretty common speeding ticket. You went 115 instead of 110. No biggie. You can pay 29 Euros or (this is my favorite part because I've never seen that on a German ticket) spend 24h in jail, if you want to XDDDDD.
They also think you are a man.
I must say, I find it quite amazing that they manage to deliver the ticket to the U.S., but do not manage to send a translated copy.

Well it was either pay the ticket or spend 24 hours in jail which I would totally consider doing if they paid for my trip to Austria (although seeing as they thought I was a man I would have ended up in the wrong facility.)

So during this conversation with my mother, she tells me that Verizon is refusing me 100 dollars, then mocked me, told me about Avis and a ticket and as she was still laughing, I got to my car and there was a ticket on my windshield for parking at the mall when I'm not a customer (but it was so completely soaked so I couldn't really read it)  Now I have to pay $215 a month to park in my building and my mother was like "aren't you glad you called me?”  Not really mom, this conversation just cost me 450 dollars.  (BTW Monday was the first nice day since I have been working and of course it’s the day that I parked in the building.  Thought it was nice on for my walk to the bank where they charged me 40 dollars to wire money for 45 dollar ticket.) Did I mention that my mother couldn’t stop laughing about the fact that I got a letter in German and kept trying to read it and I was like I am NOT going to be able to translate anything that you're saying b/c she couldn't even get a single word out.  This is my dear sweet mother folks. 

Eva and her cousin cannot believe I got a ticket for going 5Km over the speed limit when in Croatia I was going 170Km/h (I figured when the car started shaking that I should slow down.)

More to come... 

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