Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hershey's Kiss

(I know this was this week, and I’m writing about last week, but I’m sending this today so I thought it would work itself out in the end. J )

D and J were out of town last week so I got to hang out with Zach and Lucas.  I’ll gloss over the rough week that we all had between loosing important items, a dog getting so sick that that not only did he create a mess that covered two floors, Zach had to be sick mid-way through cleaning and I am still trying to erase the memory.  Lucas asked me to pull out my spell books to banish his bad luck.  I was telling him that he needed to light a candle, and while he was lighting it, the match started to burn his finger, he let it go, and it melted into the wax and the light went out.  Not a good sign.  Needless to say, we were happy to see them come back home on Friday.  Here are some of the happier highlights. 

Luke: Those cartoon faces with their frowns are highly exaggerated.  No one actually frowns like that.
Me: Actually, haven’t you heard that random fact about how many more muscles it takes to frown than to smile (showing him my frowny face.)
Luke (after trying some face contortions): Now I'm confused and I can't do either.

Zach: Who’s sick?
Me: Haven’t you been paying attention to Mucas Lucas over here all week?  (I said, oh so proud of my new nickname for him.)

In the car with Lucas with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio
Me: This song is dirty.
Lucas: Get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s about Chocolate.
Me: Suck my kiss?
Lucas: Hershey’s Kiss, Tiffany. Come On. 

After seeing that Zach’s car was delivered from FL caked in mud:
Me: That car is filthy.
Lucas: I like it.  It’s like he was in the desert and had an Indiana Jones Adventure. 

I woke up on Saturday morning to go to my very first photoshop class.   I told Dawne, and she said she wanted to go too.  15 minutes later, she was dressed and registered for the class.  But the thing is, we don’t usually go out together in the morning so when we said “Okay, Ready!” we looked to see that we were both wearing the same purse, clutching the same notebooks, and had the same coffee cups in our hand.  Good thing we weren’t going to pretend to not know each other. 

On my break, my niece Jackie texted me to ask if it was snowing here, and I said, “It doesn’t snow here silly!”  Then God immediately called me a liar by making it snow.  When we got home, we packed quickly and drove an hour and a half down to Great Wolf Lodge for Luke’s birthday.  (Before we got home, Luke was outside with his friends and one of them got a bloody nose.  Luke was mock-accusing him of picking his nose, when mid-mock, he also got a bloody nose – in case any of you don’t believe in karma.) Right before we were about to drop the dogs off at doggie day care, which they have never been to, Casper put the window down.

Dawne: Every. Time.   Casper puts down the window when he is close to the park, but when he gets to doggie day care he puts it down and then back up.   

As soon as we arrived we found out you could donate to the Boys and Girls club and have dinner inside the gingerbread house at the lobby.  Clearly we made reservations immediately.  Then, (after we took lots of pictures of us inside a gingerbread house) I ordered some apple juice and shot glasses so we could look like we were boozin’ it up in the lobby gingerbread house. 

We got into an elevator and a little kid was talking to us as he announced his departure:
Jordan: Okay, we’ll be here!
Dawne: You shouldn't lie to children
Jordan: He lied first; he said he was coming right back. 
Dawne: Well, now you have to stay here
Stranger on the elevator: Someone should bring him a sandwich later. 

When we headed out the next morning, Dawne and I cleared off the snow on both cars to get them ready for the trip back, while 6 grown men stood around us watching and making commentary. 

Dawne: I need to remember to ask what tricks they taught Casper when we pick them up.  Last time he learned a new trick, how to jump through things, he jumped through the fence at the park and I yelled at him and he kept going back and forth to show me his new trick until finally he jumped through the fence into water, which he hates, and he couldn’t get out, and he just sat there like, “Mom! Help me! I’m in *shutter* water!”

As we got closer to the house, there was more snow so we decided to load up on groceries and firewood just in case we were snowed in for a week – but more on that later. J

And as I mentioned before: I wrote a book people. It has officially been published, so now I'd like all of you who read what I write for free every day, to take some time to pay for what I've written. Fun right?

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